The newest Amazon Ring device – flying drone with a surveillance camera

  • Amazon Ring, a subsidiary of Amazon’s intellectual security company, has released a stand-alone camera for internal security.
  • The drone flies around the house on predetermined routes and automatically responds to the security alarm.
  • Always Home Cam costs $250 and will be available in 2021.

Amazon launches the new Ring CCTV camera, which is mounted on a flying drone.

This is a standalone CCTV camera – Ring Always Home Cam, which can fly inside your home and record footage from multiple viewpoints. Users set the path the device will fly around your home. When the device is not in the air, it is blocking by a docking station, which blocks the camera to reduce privacy issues.

Amazon unveiled the device at a virtual hardware event on Thursday along with a host of new products. The company announced the updated Echo and Echo Show models, new Ring CCTV cameras for cars and launched Luna video game streaming service.

Ring, acquired by Amazon in 2018, has taken on several areas of the intellectual security market by releasing connected doorbells and smart home cameras that allow people to register remotely in their homes.

Jamie Siminoff, founder of Ring. He wrote in his blog that Always Home Cam will allow people to control multiple areas of their home with just one device, instead of buying multiple cameras. The drone is connected to Ring Alarm, the company’s smart home security system. If the system detects suspicious activity, the Always Home Cam automatically flies “to see what’s going on.

Ring devices provided Amazon with another way to engage customers. Even deeper into their ecosystem by integrating them with Alexa’s virtual assistant.

But the business was also surrounded by confidentiality issues after disagreements over Ring’s decision to work closely with police departments to help investigate crimes. Lawmakers are increasingly learning about Ring and what videos its employees have access to.

Siminoff said that when creating the Always Home Cam, “care about privacy and security. Ring said the device only records when it is in flight. And its engines are loud enough for users to hear it moving around the house.

“It can’t be operated manually, making sure it only records and sees what’s important to you,” Siminoff added.

Always Home Cam will be on sale in 2021 for $250.

source CNBC

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