Android Charger. Xwallet. Compatible with iPhone 8-12.

A wallet is a necessity for most people. If you have a phone you do need android charger. It’s an accessory that keeps your credit cards, cash and other forms of personal identification organized.

A wallet can also be a fashion element – something that represents your personality and style. Function and form are equally important when looking for a new wallet. Even if you frequently use apps for purchases, cash and credit cards aren’t entirely obsolete yet. For something that gets used almost every day of life, a wallet is very rarely a considered purchase. It’s time to evolve – and time to find a wallet that suits your spending needs. Meanwhile, where you live, work, and how you commute can make a big difference, too.

  • Do you feel comfortable keeping your wallet in a back pocket, or do you worry about pickpockets? If you live in a city with a metro or commuter rail, do you need something that lets you have quick access to a transit card? The time of big, thick wallets has past. Slim but functional wallets has taken over the world and are a much better choice for people looking for a stylish, practical and comfortable option. With all the styles and designs being made, it’s hard not to find the perfect one. There are money clips, slim bi-fold wallets, card wallets, front pocket wallet and a thousand other names you may have never heard of. But how about wallet and mini power bank in one thing? Is this possible?

Android charger. Xwallet. Compatible with iPhone 8-12.

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It’s easy when the wallet has a lot of functions and can be used not only as a cash and credit cards holder but also as a wireless charger for different technical devices. The XWallet is the first true wireless charging Wallet with patented Australia design.

Xwallet is the Next generation Wallet.

  • It can be used as android charger and apple phone charger as well. This innovative idea allow you to charge your iPhone & Airpods.  The Plusus charging technology completely new to the wallet, empowering us to stay charged and connected everywhere. With Xwallet, charging is made simpler, with no cables & no ports.
  • Imported mini power bank starts to charge any wireless device upon touch. Re-charge Xwallet battery is also by wireless charging. Italian leather, slim fit size, 5-watt output/input, size: 110 x 80 x 8 mm ( 4.3 x 3.1 x 0.3 inches ), adaptive smart chip technology, Phone case compatible (up to 3mm thick, non-metallic) Overcharge & foreign object protection with 12 months warranty.

Smart tech power kit

This is smart tech power kit  which will stay with you everywhere. All in a stylish compact durable leather wallet + cardholder with 4 card slots + built-in 3200 mAh battery power, which powers devices wirelessly.  All this – Xwallet. Original wallet is compatible with iPhone 8 and newer, Airpods 2, Samsung Note 8 and newer, Galaxy S8 and newer, Google Pixel & other Qi-enabled devices.

The manufacturer gives 12 guarantee. No more cable, no more charging ports. Now charging your iPhone, AirPods is as seamless as placing a device over Xwallet. Like your existing wallet, It’s always with you, but Xwallet empowers you to stay charged and tuned. Xwallet is easy to access and won’t bulge out of shape like a simple wallet. The Xwallet has a LED indicator and On/Off button. Pouch button to activate device charging mode. Place device on centre of “X” and device will start charging. Xwallet is also is Apple officially certified product.  Be empowered for anything with our Android charger:

  • Charge with Xwallet anywhere.
  • It’s always with you.
  • Keeps your essentials going.
  • Pay wave transaction compatible.
  • Exquisite steel-blue Italian leather.
  • Charges iPhone up to 70%.
  • Wireless powered Xwallet:
  • Compact built-in wireless power.
  • Integrated 3200 mAh battery.
  • Designed with simplicity, with no cable & no ports.
  • Smart chip tech detects and protects your devices & cards.
  • Slim fit design, featuring 4 card slot

All in a stylish steel blue tone Italian leather wallet. Our build in technologies re-invent the traditional wallet. It’s easy to use and hold in hand or pocket. It has stylish, original design that is very important for people who adores fashionable and functional wallets and Android charger.


You certainly went through situations when your mobile phone was running out of power and you really, needed it. With Xwallet this will never happen again. If your phone supports wireless charging, you don’t need to think about anything else. Just put your phone on the top of the wallet and charge. It’s fast and simple for everyone. This wallet is easy to use when you are traveling, have no opportunity to charge your technical devices, you don’t need to waste the space in your bag to hold a lot of different charging cables. You can stay safe and feel confident in the security of your financial information found on your cards.

It’s good also for other outdoor activities. One of the best advantages of Xwallet is multitool. While it is a practical and useful wallet all on its own, it is also one that can serve as a number of other helpful tools. These tools can get you out of a sticky situation while traveling or exploring the outdoors while also making small jobs around the house more convenient and doable.

Great gift!

This wallet also will be good as birthday, Christmas and other occasion gift for your wife, husband, parents or other family members, friends or colleagues. The quality of the product is very good and tested in different ways, it also has a good packaging, so you don’t need to worry that product can be damaged during the transportation. Xwallet is a sleek stylish solution for many problems – a world first-wallet to feature built-in wireless charging.

We are offering a slimline look that can go with any person’s modern aesthetic. Unlike a lot of different minimalist wallets, the Xwallet can not only hold cards but it can hold cash as well. This makes it much easier for you to keep all of your necessary items for when you need to pay in cash readily available and on hand. It’s best choice for those who don’t want something which is going to weigh down their pockets or their bags because of its size. Perfect for any occasion.


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