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We are often invited to celebrate the birthday of a friend whom we respect and even equal in some ways. Sometimes you even immediately know what to wish for in words, but what concerns present – you get completely lost. What should be given as a memorable gift that will be useful and not seem banal? Money is always a universal solution and a fallback, but they usually do not convey the emotional component. What should be presented as cool stuff for guys whom you will not surprise with money?

The best gift for audiophile – The Victrola 50`s retro Bluetooth Turntable.

The Victrola 50`s retro Bluetooth Turntable

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This audio player can delight even the sophisticated music lover. It magnetizes with capability to listen music in any format: vinyl records, compact disks, tracks from smartphone or even radio. It reminiscents a jukebox elegantly reinterpreted up-to date. Victrola is on the market since 1906, so knows by name technology or music while its formation during last century. Thata why the gadget has such a cool feature as 3-speed belt driven turntable in 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM. Very rare thing nowadays, in early era of vinyl was a great value cause it allowed to configure the best sound quality. Now it is appreciated as a rare opportunity to play about sound or rethink your favorite music of the 50s and 70s. As well it is a tribute to traditions from producer.

  • If the person to whom you choose a gift meet an era when vinyl was fundamental, then he or she would appreciate such a vintage-look device. Those who lived their wild youth in 2000`s and managed to collect a bunch of compacts will also be very pleased about the gift because of the built-in CD player. Just like vinyl, this recording medium stays not the most progressive way of playing music, however, so nostalgic and comfortable. Imagine – just like 20 years ago you can turn your favorite mp3 albums up on fashionable stereo speakers.
  • Only today Victrola 50`s retro let you digitize your sound collection. Included software compatible with PS and Mac allow you to convert music – a rare gadget presents such an easy opportunity. Record-player has inputs for audio signal such as aux-in and 3.5mm, which also expands its functionality. This means that you can connect a laptop or TV with Victrola for a comfortable sounding and even an electric guitar through a specific adapter.
  • Mini-jack will allow you to turn on the track from a portable device or using headphones when loud music is not appropriate, as at night. You can deal without outputs and transmit the signal via bluetooth – this technology is also supported.

For lovers of the eternal, the radio function is supported – catch your favorite frequencies wherever you want.

Such a unique player for a very affordable price – is there a catch? Users note a relatively weak speaker that fits no more than the space of the room. It means that it will not be suitable for an outdoor party, but it will fill the chamber atmosphere of the room with a warm tube sound.

Is it possible to choose a color?

Turntable framed in the old-fashioned design in black, cherry, sky-blue and navy colors.

Can I digitize music from vinyl?

Yes, Victrola 50`s retro allows you to digitize equally compact and vinyl records.

Does this recorder support tape media?

No, unfortunately, but models with this function are available within brand.


Pocketalk Translator Device for travelers

Pocketalk Translator Device for travelers

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Imagine where it will take you – the slogan of this toptech says.
Poketalk feels the best gift for travelers, because it is able to plunge into the world of incomparable experience of communicating with native speakers and reveal the culture of a new country from the inside out. This compact and pleasant in hand device supports 74 languages ​​- must-have for traveling around the world with confidence.

  • Poketalk earned an award at the Berlin IFA in 2018 and already in 2019 became the #1 portable translator in Japan. It is rated so high because it makes life easier for residents of different states to understand each other without difficulties.
  • Translator has a very accessible interface with a touch screen which display replicas on two languages. Users can understand each other by ear or while reading the text, as it is more convenient. A sensitive microphones and a loudspeaker are built into it to capture the essence of the conversation even in the busiest places in the city.
  • Global SIM comes with Poketalk for supporting a mobile date for two years. This means it can be used immediately right after unpacking in 133 countries. Moreover, cloud-based translation make it possible to communicate with foreigners even in the tropics, even in the desert, even at the south pole — it does not require Wi-Fi connection and translates over the Internet wherever it catches cellular communications. It is enough to purchase the mini gaget one-time and not to cover regular expenses on a mobile operator.
  • The translation compiled by the pocket engine is constantly being improved during its use and always corresponds to the latest updates. A disadvantage may be the lack of local slang, dialecticians, curses or words that have no equivalent in another language in the vocabulary.
  • Includes 1 lithium-ion battery. Some may be confused by the fact that it works on battery power and not on chargable accumulator. The manufacturer assures: charge is enough for 7 hours of continuous use or 10 days of standby time. Therefore, if you are going on a long trip to a place where there are no all the benefits of civilization, do not forget to bring extra batteries with you! This is cool stuff for guys.

Does gadget supports Bluetooth connection?

Yes, of course.

How much information can Poketalk translate at a time?

After pressing the record button, the translator perceives a 30-second replica.

Does it come with a protective case?

No, but there are in-ear headphones. The cover can be purchased from the manufacturer as well as a protective film. You can also attach lanyard to it to hang on your neck or nylon cover.

Are there any configurable options in the socket?

Yes, you can adjust the brightness and volume with a few touches and such easy switch languages.


uKeg – true pleasure for beer lovers. This is cool stuff for guys.

uKeg - true pleasure for beer lovers

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GrowlerWerks uKeg is a cool gadget for men who have everything. This gift will be appropriate in any case in any location, the manufacturer assures, and we willingly believe in the idea of ​​this craft device. Feel like a bar-keeper while pouring beer into glasses!

  • A brilliantly looking full-metal vessel keeps the drink cold for 8 hours thanks to vacuum insulation and entirely hermetic not to allow gas escaping. The built-in siphon allows you to additionally aerate drinks directly while serving, adjusting the carbonation at will up to 15 psi. Included with keg the GrowlerWerks cartridge weights 16g saturates the drink with CO2. A set of such capsules is purchased separately. The instructions contain information regarding the supply of different types of beer in accordance with the ideal gasification of each sort – from stout to pilsner.
  • uKeg is developed by three lovers of quality beer. They were inspired to develop these high-ranked kegs by the fact that many private breweries do not sell bottled beer. When transporting a drink in a plastic container its taste, aroma and aftertaste are significantly distorted and the gas escapes. With keg this problem is easily solved – it is able to preserve the best in beer for which we love it so much.
  • It is an ideal choice for meeting a group of friends with beer. However, the keg is suitable not only for the proper delivery of beer – with the same success any drink can be stored in it saving freshness: from cocktail to homemade lemonade. This is cool stuff for guys.

What keg modifications are there?

uKeg presented in dark chrome, copper and stainless steel. Kegs are available in volumes of 64 oz and 128 oz.

Is it possible to store hot drinks in a keg?

The keg is not designed to store liquids greater than 120 F. Moreover, it is not intended for heating.

How to wash it?

The keg is washed along with all components by hands, needed to be poured with water no more than 120 F. The one can bought and use branded tablets for the rear wash. After cleaning, it is necessary to dry in a disassembled state.


YETI Tundra 65 Cooler for the coolest stuff

YETI Tundra 65 Cooler for the coolest stuff

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Another device suitable for aesthetic beer consumption, bottled only. You can take this hell-heavy, but spacious cooler from YETI with you on the road or put at home as a mini-bar – such utensils will definitely find a way to use. This Tundra cooler is the first of its kind to set high standards. Almoust entire part of it takes a patent for high-end functionality: Bearfoot non-slip feet™, Anchorpoint tie-down slots™, Coldlockgasket™, Vortex drain system™, Doublehaul handles™ and so on. This indicates that the developers approached responsibly the creation of a truly fade-resistant toptech. Until the last bolt, it is made in high-quality material in order to serve you for many decades without a scratch.

  • YETI Tundra is intended not only for storing ice beer, as it might seem – this device will be popular with fans of camping or fishing to keep fresh-caught fish and for long-term storage of products. Inside walls are insulated with pressure-injected polyurethane foam which allows to remain ice in a solid state of aggregation for a very long time. This is cool stuff for guys.

What is the warranty period for this cooler?

5 years

Does a cooler get a bottle of wine?

Yes, its height is able to store a vertical wine bottle – its depth is 10.5 inches.

How many bottles of beer fit in the internal volume?

42 standard cans of beer.


ZANCO Smart Pen for valuable discussions and privacy

ZANCO Smart Pen for valuable discussions and privacy

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Could you ever imagine that it would be possible to fit a cell phone into a pen? Of course, this is not a ballpoint pen but a stylus for touch screens, but nonetheless. Zanko released a mobile pen-phone that is positioned as the world’s thinnest mobile phone. Moreover, the manufacturer managed to fit even two cameras onto it. This is cool stuff for guys.

  • The first question suggests itself – why? In fact, for a number of reasons: firstly, this is a great option for a mobile device for places with an increased risk of damage to a smartphone, such as outdoor trips. Secondly, with such a phone the risk of being distracted by incoming messages and social networks will be eliminated. It is convenient to use in moments requiring increased concentration at work or while practicing informational detox. Thirdly, it is suitable for people who ideologically do not need a smartphone, paying tribute to the basic call function.
  • At the same time, the pen-phone has impressive functionality for the calling stylus: it supports bluetooth, plays mp3, has a color screen, a microphone function and even two cameras! However, it does not support 3G and 4G, but only 2G. Although why should it?

Does this pen-phone support 2 SIM-cards?

No, it holds one nano-SIM card.

How many mpx on cameras?

Both has resolution in 0.3 mpx.

What is his battery capacity?

400 mph. The manufacturer notes that it holds a charge for 6 days.


Cobra Dash Cam as best road friend

Cobra Dash Cam

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When choosing cool stuff for guys, pay attention to the Cobra Road Dash Cam – a combination of radar and camera. This is a great gift for car drivers who care about their safety. Two-in-one alert system captures what is happening in the vehicle’s field of view in HD resolution when laser sensors record movements from the front and rear of the car. While the Cobra is activated, the Cobra iRadar mobile app displays all the ahead activities in real time. Patented database Built-in Defender® is ready to notify you of upcoming speed traps and red traffic lights along the way. Connecting to the Defender® database requires subscription fees – its price not scary, except that it is embarrassing fact to pay for the main feature of the device separately and periodically.

  • High resolution Cobra picture broadcasts on full-color LCD screen: rare DVR has such indicators of image quality. In the case of an accident, the transgressor more likely will be identified with the evidence provided. This comes to many due to the G-sensor, which focuses on moving objects.
  • The camera mount on the windshield with EZ Mag Mount™, silicone suction cups technology, which makes its installation quick and easy. To do this you do not need to screw bolts or deal with the camera frame. It is enough strong that even the sharpest stop with a push will not allow the camera to fly off and be damaged.

How does a cobra improve road safety?

It is able to record GPS, distance and compass not only yours, but also other cars. Therefore, when an incident occurs, it will be easy for you to prove to the police that another car violated the rule of the road.

What iRadar features are still useful for the driver?

The application connects you to the drivers community, of which there are currently more than 3 million. All of them have Cobra camera, what predicts the current police position on the roads and the proximity of dangerous exits in real time. This is cool stuff for guys.


STPCTOU Wireless Digital Microscope for the world of beauty

cool stuff for guys

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For a very affordable price you can give a whole microworld! Or rather the possibility of his research. With STPCTOU Wireless Digital Microscope you can discover many of the imaginable beauties that exist under our nose but go unnoticed.
This portable microscope is a cool stuff for guys who are fond of biology, because through it you can see the animate nature colors and highlights and other things elusive to the naked eye. The villi, dots, spines – a lot of very fine structures escapes our perception, but with a portable microscope with a 2 mpx camera and an 50x-1000x approximation it can not only be seen, but also photographed. It has 8-led light with a brightness wheel. Unfortunately, this approximation is not enough to capture bacteria.

  • With HD resolution and customizable light you can focus on a small object, whether it be a fluffy bumblebee or a thin peel of fruit. The range of things could be spotted is not limited to biological objects: from small things under microscope, you can consider both coins and computer boards.
  • In real time shooting can broadcast via Wi-Fi to a PC or smartphone screen. To do this, you need to install the insk application from the App or Google play, configure it according to the instructions and – voilà! The microscope is ready for approaching items.
  • It is portable – its weight only 150 grams. Compared with the simplest microscope for educational institutions weighing more than kg, this is the best option to take with you. Flexible Arm Stand of the device is mobile with respect to the detached base and allows to manipulate the image angle easily, in contrary to microscope where only the pending object is mobile. The focal length of the camera is small – up to 40mm, but it is convenient to aim manually
  • So if your child or friend has an inquiring mind and a thirst for knowledge – this is the one of the perfect gifts and gadgets ever! It will be delighted even by an adult, if among his/her interests there is a hobby associated with small objects – a collection of minerals or making jewelry, for example.

Which resolution the camera has in pixels?

The camera takes photos and videos in possible 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×480 resolutions.

What format are the saved files?

Supports jpeg formats for photos and mp4\avi for video.

How does the STPCTOU Wireless Digital Microscope charge?

Through usb 2.0.


ULANZI for DJI OSMO Pocket: anamorphic and wide angle lenses as every protograph`s must-have

ULANZI for DJI OSMO Pocket: anamorphic and wide angle lenses

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Do you have any photographer friends? Most likely at least once in your life you heard from them how tired it is to carry a weighty DSLR and at least one other lens to it. For this reason, some switches to phone-graphy, choosing a phone with powerful camera performance or DJI OSMO Pocket. This cool stuff for guys who are fond of photos makes their bag and life easier, not to lose the quality of the picture.

  • DJI OSMO Pocket is an incredibly lightweight integrated camera attached to a smartphone, which is chosen by the followers of the phone-graphy movement. Its charm is in the productive ratio of picture quality and portability. Moreover: did you wonder how much a lens costs on a professional camera? These are hundreds of dollars spent for rare charming images. At DJI OSMO Pocket the price of non-standard lenses like anamorphic and wide-angle is lower by an order of magnitude.
  • The availability of photography compact devices is moving to a new level, which will unrecognizably change the photo market in the next decades. Soon, the best image quality that you can imagine (not counting the Hubble telescope) will be in everyone’s pocket, not counting the unique and many inaccessible lenses. Through 1.15X Anamorphic Lens you can shoot whole Widescreen Movies. Wide Angle Lens makes the image even clearer with high HD distortion. At the same time, they are really tiny and due to carelessness they can be lost. But this is unless they fall out of pocket.
  • There is another point of deprivation in phone-graphy – the inability to adjust the aperture more than the technical characteristics of the phone allows. Find out what a top-quality photo is not for all the money in the world with ULANZI OSMO Pocket lenses.

How to install ULANZI lenses on DJI OSMO Pocket?

They are mounted instantly on a dense magnetic base.

How many megapixels is a camera on a DJI OSMO Pocket?

12 mp. You can shoot 4K video on it


Low-coster among 3D Printers: Dremel Digilab

cool stuff for guys

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3D printer is an extremely useful thing in the household. Within it you can print many plastic items that are so lacking – for example, the back cover on the control panel that was lost when changing batteries. And if you connect the imagination, then all the plastic in the world is not enough to implement ideas.

  • 3D20 can be safely gifted as a cool gadget for men who have everything, because it is one of the first on the market designed for home use. Half a kilogram of non-toxic filament of plant origin PLA comes with it – you can buy them in a whole palette of colors. At 230C, it will become anything: you can design the necessary thing by yourself or find a 3D sketch on the network.
  • The software for the gaget is understandable even to children, but it is better for them to use the printer under the supervision of adults. It supports .obj and .stl formats for models and they are displayed on 4` led screens. Some models may be printed immediately after unpacking as saved as preset. 3D20 is a really cool stuff for guys who are inspired by modeling and want to further develop in 3D printing
  • It takes some time to print an object, because many people print late at night to see a cooled figure in the morning. Do not place the printer near rooms where people sleep if one of your household has a sensitive dream. This is cool stuff for guys.

How loud does it print?

The smaller the model, the quieter the 3D20 works, because the smaller the nozzle of the printer.

Is it wireless?

No, this model is stationary and is connected to the network with a power cable.

Is it possible to print utensils from PLA material?

Yes, this type of plastic is eco-friendly and completely food grade.

You can read reviews here


Entry into the summer season with portable conditioning Arctic Air Ultra

cool stuff for guys

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If you have a friend who don`t have wall air conditioner, nor fan does not help. That is the output to present him/her portable conditioner.
Arctic Air Ultra is designed perfectly balanced. It has a water compartment, which evaporates with a breeze and creates a diffuser effect. Very often the wall conditioning causes discomfort for sensitive people making them feel dry in eyes and skin. If you have such a sign – you need to think about a lack of humidity. A served water in the Arctic Air Ultra is evaporates for 8 hours.

  • Can’t sleep with air conditioning due to noise? Arctic Air Ultra is not a device that will give you discomfort. On the contrary, its engines such quiet as if its developed for a night’s sleep. Also it has a blue night light function. However, not all users note that it is comfortable to sleep with it. Fortunately, in case you can turn it off. If you are afraid to catch a cold at night under the air conditioner. Air Ultra is very compact, its airflow can be directed to a convenient position.
  • This device is environmentally friendly: energy-saving that’s why you have the opportunity to use less electricity. He is also without freon, that makes reutilization after the exploitation term ease and ecological. This is cool stuff for guys.

Does it have auto power off?

No, Arctic Air Ultra does not have this mode and does not turn off the air flow after emptying the water tank.

How many watts is it?

It has 110v standard.

Do I need to use distilled water for it?

This is not mentioned anywhere. But following the logic it is possible to heal calcium plaque on the walls of the container after long-term use.


This detailed analysis of truly unusual and outstanding gadgets will surely lead you to the idea of ​​choosing the most congenial gift.

Each particular case in one way or another echoed with interests or fundamental points. Does this Person like to spend time with friends or is he more of a loner? What types of activities tend to engage him in after-hours? Is he attracted to arts or is this person a great practitioner? You will clarify the answers on theese questions on your own. They will provide a key to what gifts and gadgets it will be appropriate to give. So that they bring pleasure from use and recall memories of a responsive friend. This is cool stuff for guys.


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