How To Find Someone’s Amazon Wish List

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How To Find Someone’s Amazon Wish List? Have You Ever Thought About It?

How to create any Amazon Wish List, including Wedding & Baby registers , read our special article How To Make An Amazon Wish List. Wedding & Baby Registry. Birthday & Custom Gift Lists.
This article will talk about how to find someone else’s wish list.


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Using Amazon Wish List Is A Great Way To Avoid Problems When Choosing A Gift.

Amazon wish list is an archive of gifts, just like a birthday or wedding gift catalog, where anybody can create a list of anything he wants, so whenever your friends or family will face a challenge of buying a special gift, they will be able to access your wish list and choose something from what you`ve listed there. Once the gift has been bought, Amazon will deliver it to any place you are at as a surprise. Hence, how to find someone’s Amazon wish list?

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Such a function was created to relieve the common stress of trying to find the perfect gifts for family and friends. It eliminated the art of asking people “What should I get for you?”, which could be especially useful on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or anniversaries.

Many Amazon Prime subscribers manage their wish lists so that people will easily choose the excellent gift. It is also possible for people to use a wish list as a place to collect dream items one wouldn’t buy for himself. Getting access to someone’s Amazon wish list is an easy task if it is shared with you.

Important! Amazon has removed the public search.

Amazon has removed the public search for general wish lists. Wedding wish lists are available for weddings and baby showers only. If you want to get to know your friends` or family members` wish lists, you should ask them to share their personal wish lists with you.


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How many times have you faced the fact that someone or you can not decide What you want for your birthday?

How to Find an Amazon Wish List

To request access to your friend’s wish list:

  • Sign in to your Amazon account
  • Hover over the “Account & Lists” button and select Wish List.
  • Choose your friends . The friends who have already shared their lists with you are displayed on this screen. You can just use this link.
How to find someone's amazon wish list
  • To request access to the list of friends, write a note or use the one provided, and then select “Send this message by email“.
Important! E-mail.

If the message appears to be sent to a default mail program that you do not normally use, select “Copy message”. Then insert the message into your preferred mail program, add the recipient’s email address and select “Send”.

  • After the process is complete, you will see all the wish lists shared with you in the “Your friends” section. Just click “Wish List” in the “Account & List” section to view the list. To shop for your friends, simply scroll down the page and follow the instructions to make a purchase.

This Is The Best Approach To Find An Amazon Wish List, Which Will Be Distributed By Family And Friends Via E-mail Addresses.

  • Amazon also offers you gifts based on your friend’s Facebook profile, using your friends` Facebook profiles linked to their Amazon accounts.


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How To Find A Wedding Or Baby Registration On Amazon

  • Hover over “Account & Lists” and select “Wedding Registry” or “Baby Registry” from the drop-down list.
  • Enter your friend’s name and select Search . The child’s registry shows a similar name search window.
How to find someone’s amazon wish list

Link to Wedding Registry
Link to Baby Registry

  • Select your friend’s profile and view the list. To refine your search, use the search box on this page.
How to find someone's amazon wish list
Important! Don`t forget.

Don`t forget that there may be a lot of people named similarly to your friend. Make sure that you`ve picked the right person!

Now you know everything about how to find someone’s Amazon wish list.


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Celebrity Amazon Wish Lists

Many celebrities make up their wish lists on Amazon. There one can find his favorite actors, musicians, athletes, etc., take a look at what they prefer, what they buy and what they sell as well.

Celebrity Amazon Wish Lists

Click here to explore celebrity wish lists on Amazon


How To Buy A Friend’s Wish List Item And How To Send A Gift On Amazon.

The purpose of requesting lists is to ensure that your family and friends will get exactly what they need, and desire, while eliminating the chance for them to receive duplicate gifts.
It’s always better to shop directly from a wish list rather than just to use it as a list of ideas when shopping online at your local department store.

  • Select a gift, then select Add to Cart . Confirm your selection in the pop-up window by clicking the “Add to Cart” button again. touch “Go to checkout”.
  • Use the checkout function as usual. If your friend has linked a shipping address to a list or register, select this address on the checkout page under Other addresses. Send to this address only if you want to receive a gift from Amazon.
  • So, this is how to send a gift on Amazon.
Important! Just enter the address by yourself.

If your friend didn’t give his address on the list, you can still send him a gift. Just enter the address by yourself.

  • Select “Gift Options” to add a message to the gift and remove the price details from the receipt.
  • Confirm the billing information and select Checkout.
Important! Purchased will be removed from the wish list.

If you can specify the delivery address, the product you purchased will be removed from the wish list right after your order is completed. If you choose to send a gift to you, the item will not be automatically removed from the wish list.

  • Your order will be processed and shipped. You will be notified when the package is delivered by email, just as if you had purchased the product for yourself. Your friend will not know about the parcel until it arrives.
Important! Some people use one common list.

Some people use one common list for both their wishes and purchases. The list owner is free to buy anything from his list. In such situations, Amazon will suggest that someone has already bought the item, and – if the person asks for more detailed information – will show that the item has been purchased.


The importance of Amazon wish lists couldn`t be overstated. This function is easy to use and saves you a lot of effort and energy that were previously spent on trying to figure out what your friends and family need as a gift. If you have any problems with the Amazon platform, you can file a dispute and any problem will be solved as quickly as possible. You can even get courtesy credits from Amazon for any delays or any problems that arise afterwards.

Full details can also be found in the Amazon help section.

How to Create Your Own Amazon Wish List

  • Hover over the “Accounts and lists” parameter in the upper right corner and click “Wish list”. You can also go directly to the Amazon Wish List page.
How to find someone's amazon wish list
  • Click on “Create a list” in the upper right corner. Choose the “Wish list” option. You will be prompted to name your wish list. You will also need to set it as private or public and enter your name or nickname. Then click “Create a list”. Below you can see the picture of my test wish list.
How to find someone’s amazon wish list
  • To add things you want to your list, simply go to any product page on Amazon (for example, the following picture shows that I want to add garlic press to my wish list). Scroll down and find the “Add to list” button on the right. Click it and find your list, then add the item.

A page will appear showing that you have added it to your list and you will be prompted to view it or continue shopping.

  • Pay attention to your privacy settings. Select ”More” at the top of the wish list. Under “More”, select “Manage list”. In the “Privacy” section set your list as private or general. There is also an option to create a personal wish list, which will be visible for you only. Click “Confirm” to confirm your privacy settings, and you’re all set.
How to find someone’s amazon wish list

You can also change your name, select a shipping address and set up the spoiler alert. Managing the spoiler alert means that you will not know that someone has bought something from your list until the package arrives, which will also prevent you from accidentally buying the same gift for yourself. Finally, you can delete the list if you no longer need it.

How To Share Amazon Wish List?

To share your Amazon wish list, click “Invite others to your list”. If it is a joint wish list, you can invite other users to view it. However, if the list is there just for you, you can select “View only” and copy the link.

How to find someone’s amazon wish list

You can share this link via email, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media.

Did You Know The Best Thing About Amazon Wish Lists? You Can Add Products From Other Stores To Your Wish List!

You can add items from Nordstrom, eBay, Target, Sally Beauty, etc. using the Amazon Assistant browser extension.

How to find someone's amazon wish list

How Do I Add Products From Other Stores To My Amazon Wish List?

  • All you have to do is to install the Amazon Assistant extension. You can learn how to install and remove the Amazon Assistant browser extension.
  • The extension works in several web browsers . Whenever you encounter what you need on the vendor page, click the extension and the item will be added to your Amazon Wishlist.

What if someone has already bought me something from my Amazon wish list?

To avoid the scenario where you buy yourself something that someone has already bought for you as a gift, Amazon has a Surprise Spoiler setting.
If you try to buy something that has already been bought for you, a warning will appear to prevent you from receiving the same item twice.
You can find the unexpected spoiler settings in the “Manage List” drop-down list. Check or uncheck the “Don’t spoil my surprises” box.


You do not need to be afraid of your data security when it comes to your delivery address. If someone orders something from your wish list and wants the gift to be sent to you directly, the only thing he will see is your name and city. Your delivery address will be hidden.

So, this is it. We hope that you have found out how to find someone’s Amazon wish list!

How To Find Amazon Wish List App

If you want to create or find an Amazon wish list in the phone app, the procedure is very similar. Open your app, Tap “Settings” icon in the top left corner – then “Your List”. Scroll down and click on “Find a list or Registry”

You will see an options for your list and your friend’s wish list. Choose the option to e-mail your friend requesting them to share their Wish List.


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