Oplink Security System: Best No-Contract Surveillance System

Why Choose Oplink? 4 Main Reasons

Even in its basic 2-cam version, TripleShield Alarm by Oplink provides users with a comprehensive security system at a competitive price. Here are our top 4 reasons for recommending the Oplink Security System:

  • Simple and convenient smartphone app;
  • Easy installation. No previous tech experience required to set up and maintain the system;
  • Affordable prices and no need to sign a long-term contract;
  • TripleShield can be easily modified and personalized to fit the needs of every customer.

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Introducing Oplink Security System

When it comes to protecting your house from burglars, preventive measures are much more effective (and less costly) than any attempts to find the stolen property. Even though crime rates across the US are at their all-time low nowadays, most people still feel insecure about leaving their dwellings without proper protection. Luckily, technology is here to help! With an apartment security system from Oplink, you can resolve all your safety concerns once and for all without spending a fortune.

What Are We Going to Review?

Home8 Oplink
TripleShield Alarm
Oplink Connected Motion SensorOplink FireshieldHome8 Oplink Connected Wi-Fi CameraHome8 Smart Plug
Comprehensive security system, featuring IP-cameras, alarm sensors, an indoor siren, and free basic serviceCovers a 120-degree angleDoesn’t require any previous tech experience to installCan’t work without a TripleShield systemCan’t function without a SmartHub
Can be installed single-handedly and doesn’t require to sign a contractCapable of detecting any motion within 42 feet (if no obstacles are present)Connects to an app on your smartphone and send alarm notifications in case of emergency640×480 resolution, a 66° viewing angle, and 30 fps video recording 24/7Turn any device on and off remotely via a smartphone app.

Home8 Oplink TripleShield Alarm System

The Oplink security system provides a comprehensive solution for those seeking a convenient, customizable, and affordable surveillance system. TripleShield includes multiple devices, particularly, 1 shuttle, 2 cameras (you may choose a set with 4 cameras as well), 2 door/window sensors, 2 remote controls, 1 siren, and 1 motion sensor. Mind that all these modules are suited for indoor use only.

Home8 Oplink TripleShield Alarm System

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Why Do We Recommend TripleShield?

Wide Customization Possibilities and Simple Implementation

Oplink’s solution is notable for providing users with the possibility to personalize their security systems in any way they wish. The only thing you need to do before installing any additional devices is to ensure that they are within the reach of your Wi-Fi network. After you set up the TripleShield shuttle, which acts as a backbone for the whole system, you can add any sensors or cameras in a couple of clicks. The number of addable modules is unlimited, so the only condition for their successful installation is fitting into their Wi-Fi ranges.

When we mentioned that TripleShield is easy to set up, we really meant it – all you need to do to get the system running is plug the shuttle into any socket and download a smartphone app. Once you complete these 2 steps, you should have all devices from Oplink connected into one ecosystem and ready to work

Completely Contract-free

Oplink doesn’t require users to sign any contract to get the system running. All the devices that are included in a TripleShield set, as well as any additional modules, can successfully operate without any protection plans. However, if you do choose to purchase a monthly plan, the company will provide a much wider range of options.

With an upgraded plan, you can add authorized users and hand them control over TripleShield’s modules. For an affordable monthly fee, you also get unlimited live video monitoring and automated video reports. The latter will be sent whenever the cameras in your lodging detect any movement or sound.

Convenient Mobile App

The company’s mobile app is a simple and convenient tool, which is used to control the whole security system. You can use the app to arm/disarm the siren, watch live video from any of your cameras, or access the event history. The app is also used to send you automated reports from the sensors that detect movement.

Oplink’s application is capable of providing one user with full control over multiple independent security systems. If you need to manage, say, home and office surveillance simultaneously, you can do it within Oplink’s app. All sensible data that you entrust to the company is secured through its Smart Cloud Technology, so there is no need to worry about data leaks

Oplink PIR1301 Motion Sensor

This add-on to the Oplink security system is provided by default with every TripleShield set. However, as the company doesn’t limit the number of devices that can work with one shuttle, you can add as many motion sensors as you consider needed. At a relatively low price, this module provides you with a clear picture of all the events happening within a 42-feet radius. The motion sensors become especially powerful when combined with security cameras, so we suggest installing a comprehensive solution to ensure maximum safety for your lodging.

Oplink PIR1301 Motion Sensor

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Why Buy More Motion Sensors If There Is One Shipped with Any TripleShield?

Although a motion sensor is a part of any TripleShield surveillance set, we recommend purchasing additional devices if you need to monitor larger buildings. The thing here is that the motion sensors work only within a limited radius and can hardly cope with walls, so a general rule is 1 sensor per 1 room. Mind that the number of sensors you can link to one shuttle is not limited, but the wireless range of every other device is 300 feet/90 meters.

best seller
Simple Installation and Maintenance

As well as any other devices from Oplink, the motion sensors can be added to the system at any given time. To install a new device, just connect it to the shuttle using the mobile app and place the sensor where you consider it needed. Mind that the motion sensors can be triggered by pets, but this would at least inform you that they are working properly.

The sensor doesn’t require an outlet to function, as it uses one CR123A battery as a power source. A battery is shipped with every single product, so you can set it up right out of the box. Whenever the batteries run low on charge, you will receive a notification via the mobile app.

How Do Sensors Integrate into the Oplink Ecosystem?

As mentioned earlier, the motion sensors are added to the system in a couple of clicks. You can install as many of them as you wish; just ensure that all the sensors are within the wireless range of your shuttle.

Mind that when the sensor detects any motion, it will not trigger the alarm immediately. For about half a minute, you will be hearing beeping noises, which would gradually become louder until the siren starts sounding. Although you can’t change the sounds or timings, the initial noises should be enough to scare the intruders away.

Avoid placing the motion sensors from Oplink outdoors! They are to be used in building only, and they don’t have rain/dust protection. However, according to our experience, the sensors placed under the roof would work without issues. Mind that the recommended temperature for the successful operation of the sensors is between 32°F and 113°F (0°C to 45°C).

Overall, the motion sensors from Oplink are a decent choice for personal, indoor use. Check out the table below for a quick comparison of the product’s pluses and minuses:

Simple installation and maintenanceOccasionally goes offline for no reason
Conveniently operated via a mobile appNo water/dust protection
Affordable price
Unlimited number of sensors can be installed within one security system

Oplink Fireshield

Oplink Connected Fire is one of the newest products from the company. Unlike the motion sensors that we have reviewed before and the cameras and sirens that we will get to shortly. Fireshield is not supplied with every TripleShield set. It is a separate add-on to your system, which can be purchased from the manufacturer or resellers.

Oplink Fireshield

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What’s in the Box?

Fireshield is shipped with an Oplink Processor Unit (OPU) and 2 sonic/heat detectors. The OPU serves as a brain for the whole system. All other devices are connected to it via your Wi-Fi network. Which guarantees the simultaneous work of all the elements in the system. Mind that the OPU must be plugged into an outlet while many other devices use batteries.

Except for the shuttle, Fireshield also includes 2 detectors. Which are capable of monitoring both temperature and noise in a building and signalizing about emergencies. “But I already have a smoke detector in my house!” one may argue. Well, Fireshield is not designed to detect smoke. Oplink’s solution is made to work along with your smoke detectors to ensure a more comprehensive approach to fire safety.

How Does the Whole System Work?

Installing and running Fireshield is very simple and doesn’t require any previous experience. It uses Oplink’s Plug-n-Play technology, which means that making the whole system run is a matter of minutes. However, there is an essential thing you must know before purchasing Fireshield – it doesn’t replace a smoke detector. For the successful operation of the whole system, you would need to link your existing smoke detector to the Fireshield devices.

To ensure that Fireshield’s sensors will work with your current smoke detector, we highly recommend testing the system or conduct research prior to installing Oplink’s solution. Since Fireshield is a relatively new product. You may find that data found online is insufficient to determine whether the system can be linked with your smoke detectors. In this case, do not hesitate to contact the company’s support team.

Enhance Fire Safety in a Convenient Way

Fireshield is a part of Oplink’s ecosystem, meaning that it can be integrated with all other products from the company. For instance, IP cameras can be used along with heat detectors to further enhance fire safety. Fireshield can be controlled via the company’s mobile app, which would also be used to notify you about emergencies and threats.

customer review

The mobile app is very helpful when it comes to remote monitoring of potentially dangerous heat changes. The thing here is that most smoke detectors are useful only when you are on the spot. But they can’t inform you of a fire threat if you are away from the place of accident. Fireshield is an ultimate solution in this case, as it is capable of delivering essential information to people in charge within seconds.

Brief Summary of the System’s Pros and Cons

Integration with other Oplink’s devicesLack of information about the product online
Simple installationDoesn’t detect smoke itself
Conveniently controlled via a mobile app

Home8 Oplink Connected IPC1200 Wi-Fi IP Camera

IP cameras are, perhaps, the most popular devices from Oplink. And that’s no wonder – they provide a wide range of useful functions at an affordable price. 2 cameras are shipped with every TripleShield security system by default. But the number of cameras that can be linked to one shuttle is unlimited. So, what makes the cameras from Oplink stand out from other similar options:

Oplink Security System

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Customization Possibilities

As mentioned earlier, these small security cameras are a part of the Oplink ecosystem. Which means that they are easily integrated into an existing security system. If you already own a shuttle from the company, linking new cameras to it is a matter of minutes. Just open the mobile app and add devices to have your new cameras ready and running.

Oplink concentrates on designing modular security systems, so you can combine their devices in any way convenient to you. For instance, the cameras may act as additional security measures along with the heat/noise sensors to enhance fire safety. The only limitation you can face is the cameras’ wireless range, which is set at 300 feet (90m). Setting the device farther from the shuttle is impossible.

Decent Performance at an Affordable Price

Oplink’s cameras film at 640×480 resolution, which is just enough to receive a clear picture without consuming too much storage space. All the IP cameras have pre-installed IR sensors, which make night vision possible. In addition, all the cameras are automatically linked to an Oplink security system once installed. Meaning that you receive complete control over each device via the company’s mobile app.

Most reviews forget to mention that Oplink’s cameras have pre-installed microphones, but we will not overlook this point. To ensure that maximum space is covered and secured, you can also adjust the camera itself using a joint that connects it to the base.

No Need to Sign a Contract

Unlike many other companies, Oplink doesn’t require users to sign a long-term contract. It doesn’t even charge monthly payments for a basic set of services. However, if you do wish to upgrade, the company will provide you with 2 protection plans to choose from. Mind that if you wish to keep the free version of the system, it will be completely self-monitored, meaning that you will be in charge of handling all emergencies.

The cameras from Oplink are manufactured to fit any type of buildings, but the company’s target audiences are households and small businesses. Therefore, these IP cameras are designed to be placed indoors and have no water/dust protection. Theoretically, you can try to place Oplink’s camera under the roof. And it would even work well (just make sure that no water can reach it). However, winter in most parts of the US would be detrimental to the cameras placed outdoors. As they are designed to work when the temperature is above 32°F (0°C).

Summarizing the Cameras’ Performance:

What we likedWhat we didn’t like
Decent video and sound qualityIR sensors could have been improved
Integration with other products from OplinkIR sensors could have been improved
Installation can be completed within minutes
Conveniently controlled via a mobile app

Home8 Smart Plug

Unlike other devices from the company, Smart Plug is not designed to directly enhance safety in your lodging. Instead, it allows making your house even “smarter” through boosting the effectivity of energy consumption and scheduling when to turn certain devices on or off.

Oplink Security System

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How Does Smart Plug Relate to Security?

By no means, actually. This device is not aimed at improving safety and doesn’t come along with the TripleShield set or any other comprehensive security system from Oplink. Smart Plug doesn’t have a camera or a motion sensor, and it is not designed to detect noises or heat. Why should you be interested in it at all, in this case? Well, Smart Plug by Oplink helps you save funds in the long term (funds which can be spent on security in the future, so, in a way, it also helps improve safety).

Saving Electricity = Saving Money

Electricity bills are expensive these days, aren’t they? In addition, people tend to forget to turn off various devices, which can be a huge issue if we are speaking of things like electric heaters or kettles. Plugging any device into the smart outlet provides you with complete remote control over the electricity supply to this item

Although Smart Plug cannot be classified as an Oplink security device, it can still act as one when it comes to preventing fires. If you have left for a long-term vacation and forgot to turn, say, an iron off. Smart Plug may save your lodging from bursting into flames.

Integration Matters

Since Oplink’s Smart Plugs are a part of the company’s ecosystem, they wouldn’t function without a smart hub. However, if you do own a shuttle, linking the plugs to it will be a matter of minutes. Just use the mobile app to add new devices, as you would do with any other add-on to Oplink’s system

After installation, the plug doesn’t need to be configured in any way. It’s ready to work right out of the box, which makes it possible to start using the item immediately after it is delivered to your doorstep.

Surges Are no Longer an Issue

Smart Plugs include protection from rapid changes in voltage, meaning that any devices plugged in will not suffer in case of a surge. This feature is especially useful for customers who face frequent electricity supply drops or reside in remote areas. What’s more, via the mobile app, you can switch the device on and off or schedule the hours when you want it to work.

Smart Plugs are commonly shipped in a pack of 2, so you could link a couple of devices simultaneously. The possibilities for Smart Plugs’ usage are unlimited. From helping enhance fire safety to creating a feel of tranquility through turning lights at home while you are returning from work.

Comparing the Pros and Cons of Smart Plugs

Perfectly integrated into Oplink’s ecosystemCan’t function without Oplink’s shuttle
Simple and convenient control via a mobile app
Protection from surges

Buying Guide: How to Personalize Your Oplink Security System to Get the Most of It?

Oplink provides numerous options for customizing and personalizing your security system. In fact, you don’t have to purchase Oplink’s TripleShield or any other pre-arranged set to get the whole system running. All you need to successfully launch Oplink’s solution is to buy a hub and plug it into a socket. So, why should you choose Oplink against its competitors?

Modular System Adjusted to Your Needs

As mentioned earlier, the company doesn’t limit the number of devices that you can link into one ecosystem. Meaning that Oplink’s solutions can be easily fitted to any customer’s needs. Options for personalization are truly endless. The only thing you must consider before buying is that the wireless range of most devices is limited to 300 ft (90 meters)

Since Oplink’s ecosystem consists of various independent modules, it is easy to operate and maintain. Whenever one of your devices breaks down or faces some performance issues. You will know that switching it off for a while wouldn’t affect other elements of the system. You don’t need to reboot the shuttle (and all other devices along with it) in case, say, one camera stops filming. This makes maintenance simpler, as you are always aware of the condition of your devices thanks to the mobile app.

Convenient Mobile App to Manage the Whole System

Oplink’s mobile application is used to regulate every other element of the system. Through the app, you can receive reports in case of emergencies. Manage groups of users, and watch live video from the cameras. The app also provides access to the events history (which is stored in the company’s cloud). And serves as a remote control for all devices within one system.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Nothing in this world is perfect, and neither is Oplink’s ecosystem. To ensure that you are aware of the drawbacks of Oplink’s products, check out the following list:

If you are searching for an outdoor solution, Oplink is not your choice.

We didn’t find a Wi-Fi camera, motion sensor, or siren from Oplink that can work outside. Even though most of the company’s devices can operate successfully if they are covered from water. Direct sunrays or cold weather are very harmful to all the solutions from Oplink. The temperature range within which the company’s products can operate (32°F to 113°F or 0°C to 45°C). Also clearly suggests that all the devices are to be used in buildings

Without a monthly protection plan, the number of available services is rather limited.

Mind that the free service provided to all company’s clients doesn’t include many useful options and services. For instance, if you don’t purchase a protection plan, you will be responsible for all types of emergencies detected by the system. Your heat detectors register abnormal temperatures? Call the fire brigade yourself, as you don’t have a monthly plan. Your motion sensors signalize of intruders? Well, the siren would set off, but reaching the police is your responsibility. Although this type of policy is imposed by all companies that provide security systems and Oplink is following the general market trend here, you should still be aware of this fact.

The company’s products do not require any previous tech experience to install.

That’s right, Oplink’s devices are very simple to install and operate. We have already mentioned this point in the TripleShield review above, so why talk about it here? The thing here is that many people have tried no-contract security systems and found out that companies do not provide technical personnel to set up the system. Therefore, installation turned out to be not the most pleasant experience for them. With long calls to the support and some boiling hot arguments. Well, this is not the case with Oplink. The company ensures that all its devices can be installed by people with no background in the field at all. Oplink Security System


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