Samsung’s 98-inch 8K TV.

Samsung’s 98-inch 8K TV

When you’re used to the idea of 4K resolution TVs, here’s 8K. In 2019, the first 8K TVs came on sale, and right now, in 2020, you can choose from several 8Ks, and this year new ones are waiting for them. manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG and TCL are doing their best to convince you that an 8K TV is worth the investment. And it is quite a profitable investment, currently it exceeds $3000 for a 65-inch Samsung 2020.

Price is one of the reasons why we are still far from having an 8K TV as a normal thing. “On a per-unit basis, we don’t expect 8K to exceed 1% of the volume by 2022,” said Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis at NPD Group in December 2019. – 8K will go down in price, but it will be more difficult than 4K, for example, as prices and the market for very large TVs are now well-established and very competitive. The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic may push the adoption of 8K TVs even further into the future.

But the day will come when 4K and 8k will replace all those lower resolutions and will be replaced by a larger number. Does this mean that the 4K TV is already outdated? Do you need to hurry up and buy an 8K TV or do you risk not watching your favourite shows? Do you need an 8K TV for your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X ?

The answer to all these questions is “no.” That’s why.

Buying advice for 8K TV: do not do it

Samsung’s 98-inch 8K TV

Before we get into the details, here’s a summary of our current views on 8K TVs.

  • If you don’t have the money to burn it, don’t even think about buying it right now.
  • From what we’ve seen, there’s very little improvement in picture quality compared to 4K TVs.
  • Any improvement in image quality that we saw required sitting very close to a very large screen.
  • To get the most out of any 8K TV, you need real 8K content.
  • At the moment there is practically no 8K content (movies and TV shows), and next year it will have little perspective.
  • Both new consoles promise 8K resolution, but it can be misleading.
  • In the next few years 8K TVs will become cheaper, and it may be worth thinking about.
  • Now that you’ve put your wallet back in your pocket, relax and immerse yourself in everything you need to know about 8K TVs today.

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