Fitbit introduced the Sense smart watch with ECG and stress monitoring and Versa 3 with up to 6 days of autonomy

Today Fitbit company presented three new devices at once: “smart” watches Sense and Versa 3, and also fitness tracker Inspire 2. Sense smart watch.

Fitbit Sense и Versa 3

Both models are very similar, but Sense is a flagship watch with additional features. In particular, it is a heart rhythm scan with atrial fibrillation detection (AFIB) using the built-in electrocardiogram application (ECG). But it has not yet received the approval of the US Department of Health.


Sense smart watch

Another difference is the stress detection function that Fitbit Sense has. It works like this: the watch determines your heart rate and skin temperature when you hold your hand above the screen and breathe with an electrodermal activity sensor (EDA). And the higher the final figure, the better the stress level.

The rest of Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 are similar: GPS module, waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, autonomous up to 6 days, magnetic charging, support for Alexa or Google Assistant, Fitbit Pay for contactless payments, tracking more than 20 types of sports load and fast charging. Sense smart watch.

Sense smart watch

Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 were valued at $329 and $229. Pre-order acceptance has started today, sales will start in September.

Fitbit Inspire 2

This is the successor to Inspire HR with touch screen display, autonomy up to 10 days, heart rate sensor and support for sports modes. Cost $99 fitness bracelet.

Sense smart watch

Check reviews on

This product worked as expected out the box. No problem syncing with my multiple year old LG V20 phone using the Fitbit app. There is no other fitness tracker on the planet that offers GPS tracking and touch free payment for this price point. The sleep tracking seems to work great so far. And I love being able to see my heart rate information on Strava. Battery life is not the best when using GPS (maybe 5 hours total with full charge). However it is very good when used normally. If you’re looking for a GPS tracker with longer battery life it will certainly be more bulky and you will probably not want to wear it all day (or night.)


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