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4 Basic Tips For Choosing A Smart Toilet.
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Technology is designed to provide us with convenience and comfort. All areas of our lives are improving every day. Our wristwatches count our pulse, our phones report steps taken and calories burned, our cars park themselves, and lights have long since been switched on by sensing our presence.

And what about the inner sanctum of our homes, the restroom? Just like years ago, the lid falls with a bang. We still search for the toilet by touch at night. Like a hundred years ago, we reach for the toilet paper and are horrified if we forget to buy it.

We are stuck in the Stone Age! While we send orders from home for our car to warm up in the winter simply by pressing a button on the key fob, our own toilet seat remains as cold as ice. And what to say about the germs that are waiting for us on the lid and rim of the toilet bowl.
But do not despair. After all, even here, technology is not standing still. Along with smart phones, watches and cars, there is now a smart toilet. Try it once and you won’t want to live without it again.

Let’s analyze what features the best smart toilets have and identify options for purchase.

So what functions can a smart toilet provide?


  • Bidet with heated water
  • Lid lowering and raising system
  • Presence detector
  • Light
  • Seat heating
  • Automatic toilet bowl cleaning
  • Deodorization


  • Water saving
  • Massage seat
  • Hydromassage
  • Music
  • Medical sensors
  • UV disinfection
  • Turbo drain

Amazon Smart Toilet Best Sellers

Great! With the functions understood, but how to choose a toilet that suits you? Let’s define the criteria.

What is important when choosing a smart toilet:

  • Functions
  • Type of design
  • Price
  • Manufacturer
  • Quality

Now it’s all in order.


1.Do you have young children? Toilet with a built-in light and a microlift you just need, if you do not want to go at night to turn on the light for your baby and jump from the rattle of the fallen lid. By the way, for adults, this feature is also very useful if the toilet does not have a nightlight.

We’ve chosen two of the best models for you

2.You have a health problem? Troubled by constipation or just need a little extra relaxation? Your choice is a model with a massage seat.

Two of the best of this product line

3.Do you want full comfort and to have all the latest technology in your toilet? Then in addition to the basic functions you may be interested in additional functions, up to music and wi-fi – listen to your favorite music non-stop. Automatic flush – no more worries, the smart toilet will do everything himself. And the final touch is ultraviolet disinfection – for sterile cleanliness.

Very expensive and the most comfortable


The next step is to decide on the design. What will it be? a full-fledged ready-made device equipped with a set of functions you need or toilet bidet seat to your existing toilet bowl.

A complete solution as smart toilet will give you all the features you need, but it will also cost more. With toilet bidet seat, you can choose the same features at a lower cost.


The price certainly plays an important role in the choice. It depends on the set of functions, design and manufacturer.


Today, the best manufacturers of smart toilets in the price-quality ratio are:

  • TOTO
  • Kohler
  • Woodbridge
  • BioBidet


Modern manufacturers have achieved a lot and the quality of materials and technology are about the same. But still, it is worth paying attention to the well-known brands that we have listed above. Because they are the trendsetters in this industry and are still slightly ahead of the curve.


The Most Expensive And Advanced Smart Toilets

Let’s Сompare An Expensive Smart Toilet And a Budget Bidet Seat

Common features and functions:

  • bidet
  • seat heating
  • water heating
  • warm air drying
  • self-cleaning wand
  • reliable manufacturers


The expensive model has:

  • night light
  • motion sensor – lid goes up and down automatically
  • personalized settings for two people
  • charcoal filter to neutralize odor

the budget model:

  • microlift for gentle lowering of the lid
  • Air freshener spray

As you can see, the budget model – overlay has the same basic features as the expensive model. If the features that are only in the expensive model are not a priority, with the toilet liner you can get comfort and quality at an affordable price.


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A smart toilet is a great pleasure! You might REGREAT it if you never try it.


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Have you ever watched a movie, where a house was equipped with an artificial intelligence and with a course of time it went bananas? Some people say that the further, we go with all the technologies, the more danger they can pose. But today it isn’t the issue we are going to discuss. Technologies aren’t our enemy, at least right now, they make our lives much easier. There is a smartphone in every pocket, people constantly use smartwatches, even cars are smart right now, and they can drive automatically getting you away from the chase. So it’s no wonder that we got the best smart toilet as well. This device was made to keep us clean and dry.

The first smart toilet seat was created by the Japanese company TOTO. Japanese bought the patent from Americans at the beginning of the 80th. The research was incredibly vast: it was necessary to find out the most comfortable water pressure, the temperature of the water and seat, the best form of the seat, and so on. The slogan was pretty simple: “Your butt wants to be washed too”.

Long after this outbreak appeared a wide range of other companies in the market, such as woodbridge toilet, or brondell swash. The last one came up with the idea in Tokyo, where was a huge number of bidet toilet seats everywhere, but the instruction was not clear enough for foreigners. The person got wet crotch and inspiration.
Nowadays it’s almost impossible to tell which one of the best smart toilet is really the best, but we’ll try to figure it out.


TOTO SW3054#12 S550E. Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

best smart toilet

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Since childhood, people are taught to wash hands after a water closet, and usually, people forget to wash hands before it also. And even if you do remember about cleaning, just imagine the number of bacteria that end up on your hands while you open the door or the lid! TOTO has solved this problem: the bidet toilet seat opens and closes absolutely automatically. There is a sensor that identifies when a person approaches or departs.
Due to the inbuilt system Ewater+, the bowl and toto toilet handle are cleaned without harsh chemicals before and after usage via electrolyzed water. It means that without using chemicals and cleaning agents, the toto faucets are cleaned automatically, reducing the amount of time you should spend on cleaning. 

  •  There are 5 spray settings, and they will clean you for as long as you need with the warm water stream. The cleansing is gentle, and the stream oscillates and pulsates for getting to all of the parts. The electronic bidet is created in two colors: Sedona Beige and Cotton White. The difference between them is not that big. Both of them provide you with remote control, and it may come in very handy.
What about installation, here you won’t need any additional help and you will easily do it yourself.

And the last but not least, air deodorizer, which will destroy any undesirable evidence of your visit. Due to all the features and characteristics it’s one of the best smart toilet.

  • User memory settings for quick access
  • Premist system- one of the finest cleanovations, the thin water layer that prevents from sticking any waste or whatsoever
  • Instantaneous tankless water heat- you don’t have to wait anymore.
  • Randomly sprays during the evening (additional cleansing process)
  • It’s easy to forget where you place the remote control. And it’s also easy to drop or break it.
Additional questions:
  • Does it support a wifi connection? It could help with troubleshooting and energy management

It does a lot, almost everything you can expect from a toilet seat, but it does not have a wifi connection.

  • Can it be used on any toilet, is it universal?

Yes, it will fit most toilets, but pay attention to the shape.

  • How does it make electrolyzed water without any added salt (or vinegar to control ph)? Would not the resulting “ewater” be extremely weak?

EWATER+ is generated from the common chemicals in the tap water. It is strong enough to help prevent the built up of organics, but still gentle and weak compared to a typical bathroom cleanser.

  • Does this flush the toilet?

Some TOTO WASHLET+ models feature auto flush technology. This is a standard style WASHLET and it will not have that feature.


LumiLux- cool tool not only for smart toilet seat

best smart toilet

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One of the coolest tools for toilets for sale is LumiLux. On the one hand, it is rather a cheap toilet accessory, on the other hand, it may make your life brighter in details. Just imagine the reaction of your kids when the lid changes its color every time. It’s up to you whether it would be a fixed color to fit your mood or a carousel mode that will cycle gradually inside your toilet bowl. According to this, in the period when the kid transfers from potty to adult water closet, it may become a very helpful addition which provides an element of a game.

  • As extra during the night time, there is no need to turn on the light and ruin your sleep. If you are one of the people whose sleep is very sensible, excessive illumination won’t be of use at all. If you are curious about whether the led works all the time, the answer is no. The built-in motion sensor detects body heat to illuminate the room when you enter and shut off when you leave. The light detection sensor will deactivate the LED light, to maximize the battery life.
  • It is easy to install the best smart toilet, and it won’t take a lot of time. It is not a toilet seat, and it can fit any toilet you have already purchased, like kohler toilet, for instance.
  • Сustomized to your preferred level of brightness. It has 5 stages of dimmer.
  • It possesses flexible arm, which extends up to 4”, and bends the way you need, so it fits any toilet, moreover, unlike cheap substitutions, all these features provide a secure fit.
  • The motion sensor detects body heat when you are 18 feet away, so there is no need to move blindly.
  • Long-lasting battery works up to a year. It depends on the brightness and frequency of usage. The battery required: 3 AA batteries. If the indicator blinks 5 times: the battery is low.
  • It is not a waterproof
  • The LumiLux Advanced LED toilet light is plastic.
Additional questions:
  • Does it only activate in a dark room?

All you need is a motion. There is no difference if the room is dark or not. It will highlight the space around you anyways.

  • Are the lights bright enough at night?

Of course. It was created specifically for such needs, especially when there are kids at home and they need some sort of assistance 

  • How can you set it to a single color?

You need to hold the button until it blinks blue twice. After that, keep pressing the button until it’s the desired color you want. Wait about 10 seconds and the unit will stay on the exact color you chose. You can also press the button again to change the brightness of the color.

  • I will approach it from the side. Will the motion sensors pick me up?

Just face the motion sensor towards you as you walk in on whichever side you need. It is guaranteed to sense your movement

  • Is it suitable for kohler smart toilet as addition?

Yes, sure. It can be used with any bidet toilet seat or toilet seat in this matter 

best seller



best smart toilet

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Lifferi Bidet is an eco- friendly device with a self- cleaning nozzle. It is placed under the seat, with the same system of fixating. This is one of the best smart toilet. The cool stuff about this piece of equipment is that it keeps you more clean and more hygienic than any wet wipes or toilet paper. In the context of the culture of consumption, such devices are reducing the amount of some hygiene items we use daily. 

The material is ABS (heavy-duty plastic, thermoplastic polymer), which is mostly safe for humans. Do not rub it with alcohol, and in case of fire try not to breathe it. 

  • Control knobs are specifically designed with surface electroplating to make your life easier. Bidet toilet attachment is designed with a nozzle, to guarantee thorough cleaning of the bowl. This item can be used not only with kohler bidet, but also with almost any toilet seat. If you are curious about how to find out whether you can use a simple cardboard 1-5 mm of thickness. All you should do is to open the lid and place there the cardboard. If the lid closes and it’s flat, Lifferi Bidet will fit.
  • Talking about installation, you may do it yourself, without using the service of a plumber. It will take only 15 minutes to install, and the most difficult part might be in adjusting the water pipe. Just like kohler bathroom faucet, it’s connected to tap water. Shortly, there must be two separated pieces of items, an elongated water tank and a round bowl shaped seat. It’s suitable not only for cheap toilets.
  • Eco- friendly device, which doesn’t pollute the nature
  • Self- cleaning function, to rinse the bowl 
  • Everything you need is in the package: Cleaning host, plastic connector, water pipe, English manual
  • You should not connect it to a water heater, or to a gas water heater because this one is a single-cooled type
  • Sometimes there is no “Tee” connector in the package to merge a water hose to a toilet and to a bidet
  • The plastic nozzle


Our Choice

Bio Bidet Slim ONE Smart Toilet Seat

best smart toilets

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We really like this item. It is like the future is already there and we are clean to meet it. This multi-purpose item fits family needs. If you or your kid are terrified of darkness, there is a night glow. It will destroy all the monsters your imagination can bring to life. The soft illumination will keep you sleepy enough to come back to your bed and to doze off effortlessly. Also, it will not let you hurt yourself and fall or beat the gentlest part of your body- a small finger. In case if you do not feel like having a night glow, it is easy to turn it off. 

Stainless steel nozzle will wash everything you may need. This 3-in-1 nozzle was designed specifically for cleaning anterior and posterior flawlessly. There is a convenient side control panel, with clear instructions. You can find there the commands for children, feminine cleaning, turbo cleaning, temperature adjusting, energy-saving, and so on. There are two models such as Slim 1 and Slim 2. The difference between them isn’t very significant. Slim 1 possesses built-in side control, while Slim 2 has a square remote control with the same functionality.

Both of them have enlarged control buttons

When you press one of them, an audible click ensures you that the function was activated or deactivated. It is one of the best toilet seats, because it helps you prevent any undesirable surprises. It is equipped with a Smart Seat Sensor, thanks to this feature, the bidet won’t function unless the seat is occupied.

  • So, you may buy kohler toilet paper holder, with a great quality of materials, or choose one of the many best smart outlets. What’s essential is that you have to check the compatibility. You had better check the shape of the bowl, if it is round or elongated, and the style of the water closet. As soon as you get all these details, you may choose one of these options of the best smart toilet: BB-600 UltimateA7 AuraA5 Stream. The characteristics of the first two items are approximately the same, it is just that the A5 Stream is non-electric.
  • For a reasonable price, you get the lux of class plumbing 
  • The special heating technology with an active ceramic heating coil increases the duration of warm water supply
  • Self- cleaning nozzle provides longer life and extra cleansing
  • Heated seat to keep you warm during long, cold winter nights
  • Your lifestyle will become more eco- friendly with zero efforts 
  • No air dry function
  • Control panel in the Slim 1 cannot be placed in another side
Additional questions:
  • How can I book the expert installation of these products?

It is super easy to install on your own, besides, you’ve got a detailed owner manual. There are some good videos online, which may assist you, in you need it.

  • With the electric feature, is the warm water immediate?

There are a built-in heater and a tank reservoir for instant warm water supply at resisted temperatures.


TOTO SW2014#01 A100 Electronic Bidet Toilet

best smart toilet

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Have you ever woken up because of the slamming of the lid or maybe the switch? With the technology of SoftClose in particular with this toilet seat, it won’t be a problem. Just like all the other best smart toilets, with pressing a button you get a highly effective cleaning of your parts. While the traditional toilet paper might be rough or ineffective, there you get the comfort and undoubtful cleanliness. AIR-IN WONDER WAVE is a technology which provides a strong, yet gentle water stream. The water is injected with air to create a superior cleanse without being too harsh.

  • With a heated seat, self- cleaning wand, and adjustable water settings no wonder the TOTO Company is trusted for so long. The quality of parts is high, just like kohler toilet parts. Among all other toilets for sale, this particular model helps those with limited mobility achieve self- care and regain independence. All \TOTO toilet handles are cleaned automatically.
  • Unlike other bidet toilet seats, it is simple to remove this seat. It provides a cleaner environment, simplifies the process of installation, and encourages to get too tight spaces and small corners for cleaning. 

The power cord is 3.9 feet long and originates from the back left-hand side of the unit (when facing the toilet). Included components are electronic bidet seat, mounting bracket, tee-connector, it makes the process of installation even easier.

  • The tankless instantaneous heated water
  • Air deodorizer- to prevent from bad odors in your bathroom
  • Air dryer
  • Premist – the thin layer of protection from waste and different small litter to keep the bowl clean and to keep you safe and sound
  • Remote control – an easy access to a control panel, provides the good service and speed of cleaning
  • It might be a little too noisy compared to others best smart toilet.
  • A100 WASHLET is only available with the control panel on the left side (when facing the toilet). But you can opt for the A200 model which has a remote control instead of a control arm
Additional questions:
  • Does it fit kohler toilet seat part?

TOTO Washlet fits many toilets, the moment you need to pay attention to is the shape of the bowl.

  • Does the a100 come in any other color?

The A100 WASHLET is currently available in Cotton White only. If you need a beige color, take a look at the C200 or C100 TOTO WASHLET.

  • The water line is cold even though I use the water temperature button, it is useless, what should I do?

You may need to give the water heater time to heat the water if you tried it immediately after installing it. Please make sure the water temperature is set to your preferred setting and give it time to heat the water. This should only take about 10 – 20 minutes depending on the temperature of the water in your tap.

  • How is the water warmed? Does the unit warm water from a cold water line or does one have to connect it to hot water as well?

The water is warmed by connecting it to your cold water line. Toto supplies the tee required for the connection, and this heats the water.

  • Is the wand or nozzle made of stainless steel?

TOTO does not use stainless steel wands for any of our WASHLET models but uses an advanced resin material that repels particles and prevents them from adhering instead. The wand is designed and engineered with advanced technologies including the stream angle which prevents splashback and the self-cleaning feature that automatically cleans the interior and exterior, before and after each use to ensure hygienic conditions.


UFFU Bidet Toilet Seat

UFFU C200e

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Modern life can cause constant fatigue, it is no doubt. UFFU C200e is another great smart toilet seat, but it offers something new. UFFU bidet seat H / C massage brings relief of constipation, reduces your physical and mental stress by cold and hot alternate physical methods. Within 10 minutes you will feel much better, stress will be gone and your mood will improve. An intimate gift for people with high work pressure. 

  • The control over this one of the best smart toilet can be placed on a panel or kept remotely. This way, it is simple to adjust the temperature of the wind, water, or seat. If you do not appreciate the heat, it is as simple to close it completely. Everything can be adjusted to your needs, not to mention water pressure or spray position. 
  •  Each button has a distinctive mark to ensure you can easily access the corresponding knob, without turning your brother left or right during the use. 

The stainless steel nozzle automatically removes the residual water. Thanks to the instant heating technology, UFFU bidet seat there is almost no water storage and hence causes no water pollution. It comes in handy for everybody, and even more, for pregnant women, women during the menstrual period, elderly people or people with reduced mobility. 
 From a traditional smart bidet seat and best smart toilet, it differs significantly. It is thin, easy, and has a very comfortable angle for seating. It was designed more compactly, and as we adopt smaller chips, there are 8 functions and it takes 50% less space. 
 Also, there is a long warranty period, up to 2 years of after-sale service.
 Such devices are eco- friendly, convenient, and maintain hygiene at a very high level. As TOTO faucets, UFFU also has energy saving. 

  • 5 gears water pressure – to find the one that fits and cleans just the way you need it
  • 5 nozzle position – to keep anterior and posterior equally clean
  • 4 different level of water temperature – not to freeze and not to burn the delicate skin on your body
  • Both side panel and remote control are available
  • The weight limit for the UFFU C200 is 570lbs.
  • Sometimes the settings might forget the temperature chosen by the previous user, so when you use the remote control, they must be installed all over again
Additional questions about best smart toilet.
  • How quickly does the seat heat? Or is it heated all the time once turned on?

Once you set it up, it is always heated. The Temperature can be set as you need. And you can also turn it off by the remote control.

  • What is the size of the battery for the remote?

It is 3 V lithium cell battery and it comes with the device.

  • I went on vacation and when I returned it was off. I needed to unplug it and plug it back in for it to operate. Is this a vacation mode or a bug?

It was a vacation mode. You can read about it in the manual.


Best smart toilet: which one to choose?

We cannot decide for you, what to choose. The toilet, does not matter if it is the smart one or the ordinary one, is a very private, even intimate thing. It must fit not only the size of your bathroom, but also its unique style and color.

Sometimes the existing system is great itself, so all you have to do is just add the accessories. With the help of such tools as LumiLux and Lifferi Bidet you will get either night light or the nozzle for more thorough cleaning of the bowl.


If you need a device with auto cleaning and air deodorizer, you would better pay attention to such models as UFFU or TOTO. There are a lot of good items on the market to satisfy even the most demanding customer.
Smart toilet are for those who want to be “greener” and decrease the amount of wastage. Water saving and energy economy are up to date nowadays, when the resources are coming to an end.
Of course not all toilets possess the smart flushing system, when the device can calculate the exact amount of water to use, but some of them provide you with partial or full flush.

Some of them even have the voice controller. It differs a little bit from other smart techs we usually use.
What about the electricity, of course they need the power to work and to provide you a good service you deserve. There you should pay attention to the item you choose. In case there is no socket in your bathroom and you are not going to change it, you can opt for those models which need the batteries. Such information you can easily find in the owner manual.
Finally, the best options do not come cheap, but they will serve long and usually there are additional parts, like kohler faucet replacement parts or TOTO parts. For your money you will get a good quality, and long after-sale service to ensure that you are happy with your purchase of the best smart toilet.


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