The Best Self Monitored Home Security System

Oplink’s TripleShield Alarm provides the customer with a high level of safety, even in the basic package. That’s why Oplink is considered the best self monitored home security system and we can recommend it.

  • A handy app for your smartphone
  • Very easy installation
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy to customize and modify for any client.

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With Oplink cheap enough security system, you can leave your home peacefully and for a long time. It leaves no chance for robbers. It’s a lot easier to install a security system than looking for your stuff and talking to the police.


Home8 Oplink TripleShield Alarm

Oplink is the best self monitored home security system. It provides you with a complete solution for your home’s security. It is designed for those looking for an affordable, convenient and easily customizable system.

1.A big advantage of Oplink systems is the possibility of convenient and easy personalization. All you need is an affordable Wifi network. You can always add any sensors and cameras in a couple of clicks and a few minutes. The number of devices that can be connected is unlimited.


When we mentioned that TripleShield is easy to install, we really meant it – all you have to do to start the system is plug the shuttle into any socket and download the smartphone app. By following these 2 steps, you should connect all Oplink devices to the same ecosystem and be ready to go.

2. This system works without a contract. All the devices that come with the system operate without any protection plans. Although, it’s better to buy a monthly plan. In this case, the range of services will be expanded.


You can monitor video in real time indefinitely and receive automatic reports when there is movement or sound in your home. You will also be able to add users and provide control over the modules if you purchase an upgraded plan.

3. You can control the system via your smartphone. The handy mobile application allows you to put and disarm any modules. The application is also designed for reports.


The application is able to provide user access to monitor several security systems. For example, in the office and at home simultaneously. All the data you provide to the company is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry.

TripleShield best self monitored home security system

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Oplink motion sensor PIR1301

Although 1 sensor is included, you can add any number of motion sensors. One device has a radius of 42 feet. Use the motion sensors in combination with the security cameras. This is the ideal solution for your home security.

motion sensor

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If you need to monitor multiple rooms or a large room, we recommend installing multiple sensors as their range is limited. Walls are also an obstacle. Use a rule – one room – one sensor.

The best self monitored home security system

Easy installation and maintenance
As with any Oplink device, motion sensors can be added to the system at any time. To install a new device, simply connect it to the shuttle using the mobile app and place the sensor where you think it is needed. Keep in mind that motion sensors can be triggered by pets, but this will at least tell you that they are working properly.

You do not need an outlet to operate the sensor as it uses one CR123A battery as its power source. The battery comes with each product, so you can install it right out of the box. Whenever the batteries are low on charge, you will receive a notification via the mobile app.

How do sensors integrate with the Oplink ecosystem?

As mentioned earlier, motion sensors are added to the system in a couple of clicks. You can install as many of them as you like; just make sure that all sensors are within range of your shuttle’s wireless communications.

Keep in mind that when a sensor detects any movement, it will not immediately trigger an alarm. For about half a minute, you will hear sounds that will gradually become louder until the siren sounds. Although you cannot change the sounds or the time, the initial noise should be enough to scare away intruders.

Avoid placing Oplink motion sensors outside! They should only be used in construction and have no rain/dust protection. However, in our experience, the sensors placed under the roof will work without problems. Remember that the recommended temperature for successful operation of the sensors is 32 to 113 ° F (0 to 45 ° C).

Oplink Fireshield

Oplink Connected Fire is the latest product that is not included in every TripleShield kit. It is a separate addition.

What’s included.
Fireshield is the brain of the entire system, which comes with two thermal/sound detectors. All devices are connected to it via a Wifi network. “But I already have a smoke detector in my house!” you say. Fireshield is not designed to detect smoke. The Oplink solution is designed to work with your smoke detectors to provide a more comprehensive approach to fire safety. Actually it is best self monitored home security system.

How it works.

Installing and running Fireshield is very easy. It doesn’t require any skills. With Oplink Plug-n-Play technology, you can do it in minutes. But keep in mind, Fireshield does not replace the smoke detector, you need to connect your detector to get the system working. To ensure that the Fireshield detectors will work with your current smoke detector, we strongly recommend that you test the system or do your research before installing the Oplink solution.

Increasing fire safety.
Fireshield is part of the Oplink ecosystem, which means it can be integrated with all other company products. For example, IP cameras can be used together with heat detectors to further improve fire safety. Fireshield can be monitored using the company’s mobile application, which will also be used for emergency and threat notification.


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Home8 Oplink Connected IP Camera Wi-Fi IPC1200

The most popular devices from Oplink are most likely IP cameras. This is no coincidence. They have a lot of useful features at a fairly affordable price. You will always have 2 cameras in the standard TripleShield kit. But you can connect as many cameras as you want to the shuttle. So what are their advantages?

1. Configure

Easily integrate into your existing Oplink security system. You can connect new cameras in minutes in the mobile application. Oplink specializes in modular security systems, so you can combine the devices in any way you want. But remember, the camera has a range of 300 feet from the shuttle.

2.Great camera at a good price.

The resolution of the camera is 640×480, it is quite enough to get a clear picture. Besides, the files will not take up much space. All IP cameras have IR sensors for night vision. The cameras are automatically connected to the Oplink security system, and you get full control over each device through a mobile application.

3.No need to sign a contract.

Unlike many other companies, Oplink does not require users to sign a long-term contract. It doesn’t even charge a monthly fee for a basic set of services. However, if you want to upgrade, the company will provide you with 2 protection plans to choose from. Keep in mind that if you want to keep the free version of your system, it will be fully self-monitoring, which means you will be responsible for all emergencies.

The Oplink cameras can be used in any building. They cannot be used outside as they are not waterproof.

best self monitored home security system

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Home8 Smart Plug

Unlike other devices, the Smart Plug is not designed to directly enhance the safety of your home. But it allows you to make your home smarter by using power efficiency and scheduling the time to turn on or off certain devices.

Saving money.

Nowadays, when energy resources are quite limited, electricity is quite expensive. Besides, we constantly forget to turn off the electrical appliances. And that can be quite a problem when it comes to heaters, kettles, etc. Connecting appliances to a smart outlet gives you full remote control over any appliances. Now there won’t be such a problem as an unplugged iron.

Integration issues

Since Oplink smart connectors are part of the company’s ecosystem, they will not function without an intelligent hub. However, if you have a shuttle, it will take a few minutes to connect. Simply use the mobile app to add new devices as if you were using any other Oplink extension.

Once installed, the plugin does not need to be configured in any way. It’s ready to go right out of the box, so you can start using the item as soon as it’s delivered to your doorstep.

Mains voltage spikes are no longer a problem

Smart connectors also have protection against rapid voltage changes, i.e. any connected devices will not suffer in case of a voltage surge. This feature is very important for those who do not have a very reliable power supply. What’s more, you can use your mobile phone to turn any device on and off or schedule hours when you want it to work.

Smart Plugs usually come in 2 packs, so you can connect more than one device. The possibilities to use Smart Plugs are endless – you’ll always have a sense of peace of mind for your home. Feel at ease with the best self monitored home security system.

Home8 Smart Plug

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Buying Guide: How do I personalize my Oplink security system to get the most out of it?

So, what does Oplink beat its competitors with?

1.Modular system adapted to your needs
As mentioned earlier, the company does not limit the number of devices that you can link in one ecosystem, which means that Oplink solutions can be easily adapted to the needs of any customer. There are indeed limitless options for customization. The only thing you need to consider before buying is that most devices are limited to 90 meters in range. The Oplink system is very easy to install and maintain as it consists of separate modules and devices. The devices are interchangeable and failure of one device will not significantly affect the operation of the entire system. There is no need to restart the entire system if one camera has stopped shooting.

2.Handy mobile app to manage the entire system
. The Oplink mobile application is used to control all other system elements. With the application, you can receive emergency reports, manage user groups and watch live video from cameras. The application also provides access to the event history (which is stored in the company cloud) and serves as a remote control for all devices in one system.

What to consider before buying

Nothing in this world is perfect, nor is the Oplink ecosystem. To make sure you’re aware of the flaws in Oplink products, look at the following list:

If you’re looking for an outdoor solution, Oplink is not your choice.
  • We didn’t find an Oplink Wi-Fi camera, motion sensor, or siren that could work outside. While most of the company’s devices may work well if protected from water, direct sunlight or cold weather is very harmful to all Oplink solutions. The temperature range in which the company’s products can operate (32° F to 113° F or 0° C to 45° C) is also a clear indication that all devices must be used in buildings
Without a monthly protection plan, the number of services available is quite limited.
  • Remember that the free service provided to all customers does not include many useful options and services. For example, if you do not purchase a security plan, you will be responsible for all types of emergencies detected by the system. Do your heat detectors record abnormal temperatures? Call the fire brigade yourself, as you do not have a monthly plan. Do your motion detectors signal intruders? Well, the siren will work, but you should contact the police. Although this type of policy is imposed by all companies that provide security systems, and Oplink follows the general market trend, you should still be aware of it.
The company’s products do not require any previous technical expertise to install.
  • That’s right, Oplink products are very easy to install and operate. We already mentioned this point in the TripleShield review above, so why talk about it here? The fact is that many people have tried security systems without contracts and found that companies do not provide technical staff to set up the system. That’s why the installation was not the most pleasant experience for them: long calls to the support team and some heated arguments. Well, this does not apply to Oplink. The company guarantees that all its devices can be installed by people who are not experienced in this field.
In all other cases it’s the best self monitored home security system


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