Toilet Jokes. What did men do in the toilet before smartphones?

What did men do in the toilet before smartphones? What did they do there? After all, the habit of sitting in that place for 30-40 minutes was not born today. It may seem that life was worse or did not exist at all, but that would be misleading. They had found things to do and left the family without access to the bathroom and toilet for long time before. It is their long-standing habit. Oh! It’s a toilet jokes.

Yes. Things are even worse now. Not only does he have a smartphone in his hands, but he can also connect it to a smart toilet. This toy can keep him occupied for a long time. Backlighting, retractable bidet, music, Internet connection, water temperature and pressure settings – this is not a complete list of bidet toilet seat features today. After all, we know that men are grown-up children.

Toilet Jokes

A bit of history

We know for sure that in Ancient Rome, people used to spend hours in public toilets talking to each other. They would sit on the wooden benches with holes, debating about stuff. Imagine yourself in their shoes. You live in the first century B.C. and you have no idea that normal modern toilets will ever be invented. Ridiculous, isn’t it? Does it sound weird? We guess that the answer is no. In colleges and schools, girls are used to going to the toilet together all over the world. It may be a very intimate process, but natural as well. Therefore, over time, nothing has changed. Even when smartphones were invented, people still use the lavatory as a place of communication.

Prehistoric toilet habits

  • Of course, you can also buy some toilet toy on Amazon, like this toilet golf or any other toilet jokes.
  • Another thing people did more before smartphones was reading. Of course, many people read the labels on deodorant, but that’s not what I mean. By the way, admit it – you’ve done it at least once in your life. It could be hardcover books, paper books, even magazines. I hope you still know what is it. Now that we have so many opportunities to spend time online, this way of finding inner peace of mind is gradually disappearing.
  • Can you recall the times when people solved crosswords and puzzles in lavatory offline? We know for sure that people would keep a pen or pencil there and some crosswords conundrums to entertain themselves.
  • Others used to listen to music while sitting there. People would turn it on loudly, to be able to enjoy every sound of it. If the relocation of the water closet allowed, some people watched TV there or listened to it.
  • Some people would hide their sketchbooks in the toilet room and spend time there drawing something. It may be hard to imagine, but it does not matter whether they create it at the table or on the laps for those who love art. Kids would use crayons, painting the walls, making their parents go wild over ruined design.
  • Some people used to have a wall calendar there; strange as it sounds, they could make some notes and create plans, especially in the mornings. Having many errands to run to and kids to take care of, some people used to find there a few moments of peace and quiet. It was a place for thinking when nobody could reach a person for some time.

The only place to hide

Modern parents also use the lavatory as a place to hide from their kids and to be on their own just for 15 minutes while brushing teeth or taking a shower.

  • Kids often used this room as a shelter for “Hide and Seek” and luckily, little has changed. With all these smartphones around, children spend time differently, usually playing games online or watching something. But, sometimes, they can still start a pillow fight or play “Hide and Seek” running all over the apartment.
  • People sing along with songs on their smartphones, but before, they used to create new tunes or tried to recall the most famous songs. It was a place with no shame or criticism, where everybody could sing at the top of their lungs.

Smartphones changed the world, no doubt, but some may always wonder if all these changes were for the better or people have lost something inevitably. It seems to me that all innovations are for the better. Smartphones, computers, cars, and, of course, modern toilet. What TOTO, Kohler, Woodbridge make are masterpieces that civilization has given us.

toilet jokes


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