Toto bidet. The best choice for everyday spa-like ritual

Using toilet never could be such a pleasure as with C200 washlet from Toto bidet. This adorable bathroom accessory turns everyday necessity of attending WC into elegant ritual.

We select this best bidet for number of it`s essential features:

  • Transparent remote control for setting temperature on each stage
  • Cozy heated seat
  • AIR-IN WONDER WAVE douche technology
  • Hands-free air deodorization

Could any of average man imagine defecation act as long-expected aesthetic pleasure? Suppose the only ones who ever used heated toilet seat.
Such accompaniment for clear rear motivates to re-think approach of basic physiological needs. Multiple times a day each of us solitudes with pan to lighten up and think a bit, so this is the reason to provide more comfort and hygiene for this occasion.
Washing after visiting the toilet is the best solution. Gentle water showering for pelvic organs prevents some local pathogenic flora growth and affects positively on urinal, rectal and sexual health. It reduces amount of non-organic waste. These advantages are enough to give preference for the best kind of hygiene, which is furthermore enjoyable.

Toto C200 – the hero of our review

Toto C200

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BioBidet Bliss BB2000Brondell Swash 1400TOTO
S550e Classic
Heated seat+++++
Adjustable seat T°+++
Warm air dryer++++
Adjustable water T° and pressure++++
Oscillating & pulsating stream++\-+
Auto energy saver++++
Night light++++
Remote control+++++++
Convenient lid++++++
Self cleaning++++

Such TOTO bidet model keeps optimum between moderate price for set of basic features, which are essential for everyday usage with pleasure.

The first and basic property is a heated toilet seat, which unites the entire line of TOTO washlets. Also it heads the list of reasons to complement the bathroom comfort with this device. To begin with, this is very nice thing in tactility sense. Every time you sit down on a warm and cozy seat your skin thermoreceptors on butt thanks you.

  • Even at room temperature you need some time to get used to quite cold toilet surface concerning an ordinary toilet without this facility. The heated attachment acquires almost sacred value in winter, when the average temperature in the house comes down and every WC cause shivering. It will be indispensable in those bathrooms which are not connected to central heating. By the way, a night trip to the toilet will also be much more pleasant because night waking up will be one irritant less – namely, cool seat on the toilet. You can empty the bladder and intestines without interrupting the drowsing state, especially if you have restless get off.
  • In this toilet with bidet temperature can be set up to 104 ̊F / 40 ̊C. Five modes are provided so you can choose the most pleasant to the skin. Adjustment is carried out through the control panel mounted next to the right hand. This feature is improved in comparison with both economy segment models C100 and A100. Some customers say that it is so ingenious that both a child and a guest in your house can handle it. The interface is accompanied by pictures with a clear logical interpretation.

The temperature is also regulated in water supply, also in five bidet seat. Douching is supplied by water from a sliding nozzle. The AIR-IN WONDER WAVE technology is carried out by gently breaking the jet into droplets thereby not causing discomfort even for very sensitive butt. Two stream techniques are possible – oscillating and pulsating, with pressure adjustment. Thanks to them you can adjust the shower in most pleasant and functional manner.

  • Moreover, at the end of the toilet session and the douche, you can dry the bottom and genitals with a stream of warm air. It is as adjustable equally as the temperature of the bidet toilet seat and the water supply. This advantage is beyond controversy due to independence from paper and fabric towels. The paper ones create one more extra consumption resource, yet wet fabric creates conditions for bacteria growth even after rare wiping of gentle part of body. So built-in dryer cause sterile and ecological usage at the same time. Generally in just a few minutes you will have time to comfortably sit down, relax, wash and maintain everyday routine.
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  • It has build-in air deodorant. This facility may seem kind of extravagant, but serves as the most profitable manner. It removes serial costs on both plug-in aroma diffuser and essential oils for it. Moreover, it categorically excludes need of stationary air refresher which customer would pick up every time, most often with unwashed hands right after using toilet. Otherwise it`s bottle will become a place of bacteria accumulation and most likely you will not disinfect it during cleaning. The bottle of air freshener may be the dirtiest place in the whole house until you and family members even suspect it and still touching and spraying it.
  • Of course, something is missing in this TOTO bidet seat for maximum convenience. For example, a momentary heating of the upcoming water – it`s volume of tank is limited and the procedure involves quite short wash. Also the self-cleaning mode implies washing only the front wall of the bowl after each use, while in some models the width of the cleaning area is greater. But at the same time, TOTO С200 will represent much better indicator of cleanliness than any ordinary toilet.
  • So, the C200 bidet toilet will allow you to finely improve conditions for every spending time of unity with oneself while visiting the toilet. Although the range of human preferences can be unimaginably wide, exactly this model exclusively optimizes hygienic evacuation for it`s money without frills.


Toto C100 as pioneer washlet

Toto C100

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This model is the younger brother of C200 and has a somewhat clippered functionality. However, this purchase as well could bring sufficient comfort to the bathroom and to everyday life.

  • This bidet toilet seat has an innovation that greatly facilitates the cleaning routine. This is the pre-mist. It’s essence consists in automatically spraying on the front surface of the bowl before excreta movement. A wet bowl has a greater slipping affinity compared to a dried bowl, therefore, prevention of the adhesion of dirt. This annoying situation called “butt concrete” in the urban dictionary does not leave a desolation mark on your toilet white faience. Therefore, several drippings of a pre-mist will significantly save your time spent on cleaning. Particularly it decreases the toilet brush manipulation’s frequency and duration, accordingly the inevitability of touching the remains of vital products and bacteria breeding.
  • The device is equipped with two modes of energy saving. When activated, the first one lowers to minimum the temperature of all the basic parameters engaged to energy consumption. This allows maintaining the washlet with a lower cost. The second is able to activate automatically and suppress the functionality during periods of the less frequent use, which TOTO tracks. This will allow spending less electricity during night time or specific periods of non-use. The bidet attachment set activity for the previous 10 days, tracking the relative time of use and non-use of the toilet. We think this feature is essential in smart technology concept and would be significant for any it`s representative

Ever encountered the disgusting hurtle sound that the toilet attachment makes when it falls? TOTO worried about this procedure and avoided the possible annoyance of the user. The seat has a hinge of SoftClose technology which prevents abrupt closure with loud clap. In life there will be one less rank of unpleasant moment.


In C100 model there are only 3 heating temperature modes for seats, water and dryers, in contrary to five for the TOTO C200. But both has the same inherent temperature ambiance. So, if it is necessary for you to sit on the warmest 40 degree warm seat, then there is no difference which TOTO bidet get the preference – both inhere this quality. Also it has the same innovative hands-free air freshener.

In fact, the price difference is very insufficient while the TOTO washlet C200 functionality is still wider. C100 has a bit limited programmable functionality in compare with C200 as the installed control panel belongs to previous generation. And it does not have a pulsating jet motion.

  • Although all of the above advantages are belong to TOTO washlet C200 and other high-ranking models, C100 as bathroom accessory will generally improve the operation processes of the WC providing notably better hygiene and comfort. C100 will over and above satisfy the needs of an unpretentious user.


Toto S550E means superior

Toto S550E

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Let`s take a look onto the model of the premium segment from TOTO – this is the S550E. Luxury bidet seat with absolutely all the bells and whistles is the top a toilet user could imagine, and even more

  • The devil is in the little things, as they say – and indeed in the S550E everything is thought out to the smallest detail. If in ordinary models the lid softly closes preventing clap, then here this characteristic is presented at the highest level. The toilet lid automatically opens and closes welcoming the visitor. This eliminates another physical interaction with not the most sterile surfaces of which there are so many in the bathroom.
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coolest technology

There is the coolest technology ever that has recently become characteristic of many upscale plumbing. This is a water electrolizer. It`s role is in the dissociation of sodium chloride, salts and weak oxides into ions. Elemental chlorine is an oxidizing component that in combination with acids is extremely effective in breaking down some organic molecules while being environmentally friendly.

Firstly, it lowers the pH of the water to a neutral value. Secondly, it reduces the hardness of water and therefore the likelihood of irritation of sensitive skin. Third, and most important, ionized chlorine destroys populations of many pathogenic bacteria and virus cysts both on the skin and on the surface of the toilet. The disinfecting activity of electrolized water reduces the need of frequent cleaning and plumbing treatment with aggressive chemical agents. This is a very reasonable contribution to hygiene and ecology.

  • In addition to the electrolized water, the water supply is accompanied by instant heating. This is much more convenient than heated water tank, which is enough for a single ablution. This will allow you to keep your washing as long as you need, nor as long as the warm water supply is enough. Such TOTO bidet washlet model will play a good service for those who have a large family – everyone can wash in warm water in a row, and not just the one who managed to seize the bathroom first. It will also be much more convenient for people who use a washlet jet as a mean to calm hemorrhoidal discomfort – it could be possible to relief oneself as much as you need, and not just the time for which the tank is full.

A very cool feature is built in for those who are regular toilet visitors at night time – a built-in night light. This means that when you leave a dark room you no longer need to put on the bright light which stings eyes. Plus, it’s friendly enough because it doesn’t provoke lots of light switching on, therefore it extends the life of the lamps.

  • Also, the S550E is one of the few bidet attachments that comes with wide front cleanse. Due to the constant washing of the larger surface area after each use of the toilet, the amount of cleaning work becomes even less than in standard models. And accordingly it makes even most rare picking up a toilet brush which as a bottle of air refresher could top the list of dirtiest places at toilet.
  • The S550E best bidet toilet seat is overwhelmingly a very cool model, but this is reveals on price, which is more than three times higher than the price of C200. Surely, all the conveniences are worth it, but they make the model accessible to a narrow circle of solvent customers, while the C200 is much more available for mass use.
  • To summarize, TOTO has a wide range of devices that allows you to choose a bidet toilet attachment of any functionality for any wallet for your home. Let’s take a look at what competitors in the same price category can offer us.


BioBidet Bliss BB2000: 3 stars from 5

BioBidet Bliss BB2000

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This model and C200 are belonging to one price category. Let’s see what they can offer us almost the same amount of money.

On original brand site there is information about this model that emphasis on the coolness of the extension nozzle. It is made of steel and has a 3 in 1 property to push forward according to the patented technology and to fit backwards compactly. The manufacturer writes that the risk of nozzle jamming is absolutely minimized.

  • Its jet can swirl and be infused with air bubbles which, according to the manufacturer, is “gratifying cleaning experience”. The jet is activated by air and breaks up into droplets, in fact, like in TOTO Hybrid Heating Technology, which allows you to instantly heat water – the main advantage of model – and supply it with a very thin stream. It’s cool that you can choose an easy flow for the genitals soft “feminine” wash. For the bottom there is an stronger posterior wash. Here you can’t adjust the pressure in five modes like the TOTO bidet C200, but two is also enough for someone. The ability to adjust the water supply is already a big plus in relation to ones sensitivity.
  • This heated toilet seat includes wireless remote. If you don’t suffer from the fact that sometimes you can’t remember where you put something, it’s a very nice touch thing that you can twist in your hands while you are empting the bladder or intestines. Very much so that it can be chosen in white or black – whichever is more you like or suitable for the bathroom interior. We think that the control panel like TOTO toilet seat is better because of hygiene reasons, as when you wash the toilet entirely, you wipe the entire attached surface, and if the remote control is separate, then it is more likely that it will remain dirty.
  • Also, there’s a drawback that on it are separate buttons while the C200 has solid buttons on the panel. Dust, liquids and bacteria can get into these gaps while a panel with closed buttons eliminates the accumulation of dirt.

BioBidet assures that their toilet design is especially good. That the product is made completely monochromatic, although we can’t say that it is better or worse than the TOTO bidet design. A definite advantage in this model is that it has a backlit touch panel that allows navigation in the dark without switching on the lamps. TOTO, unfortunately, has such a feature only on expensive models. And what none of the considered their models have a 3 year full warranty in contrary to BioBidet. It indicates excellent customer care from the brand. The purchase of any of the above three models implies only a duration of one year.

  • Among the related characteristics, both brands have the ability to silently close the lid, a powerful deodorizer. There is still automatic power saves, but without a smart activity tracking mode. There is also a dryer, although programming the air flow is impossible option as well as setting it`s temperature and pressure.
  • BB2000 loses noticeably due to the lack of pre-mist and self-cleaning after each use. These functions are presented even in the most budgetary TOTO models, so we would prefer them for the thoughtfulness of the full cycle of human toilet satisfaction. So for what supreme ideal this humble model costs it cost we could not reach. Probably, it has some enhanced properties of the material, but this was not said in any product description.


Brondell Swash 1400 as head competitor

Brondell Swash 1400

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The Brondell bidet belongs to the segment corresponding to TOTO C100 according to their pricing policy. However, it contains unique features that are found in the above-mentioned brands only in premium models.

  • Toilet seat bidet could be individualized in four possible options. The nozzle is advanced in two stages, unlike the BioBidet Bliss BB2000, where it develops in 3 stages. We think this is not a significant effect on the functional. TOTO bidet completely pushes the nozzle out from under the opening door in the rear panel. But until we found out about such a wide variety of nozzles configurations, we did not understand why manufacturers always emphasis on it. What is really important is that it sterilized every time he leaves for the water shot – this is a valid parameter ensuring the hygiene of the TOTO bidet. The nozzle moves in seven possible positions. It can be applied in three possible temperature and pressure modes, which are already better than BioBidet. It also oscillates but does not pulsate as TOTO ones.
  • Swash 1400 follows the concept of conscious use of the planet’s resources. Therefore it is also equipped with a dryer with warm air, which absolutely minimizes the use of paper towels. You can choose a suitable temperature mode from only four possible. Already better than the BioBidet Bliss BB2000 with a single standard, but the TOTO bidet C200, like the premium S550E. Where 5 modes set the maximum range of possibilities.

This model has a built-in backlight, which is very nice for a not-so-expensive attachment. It shines light blue from under the lid of the toilet. The question is why did the designers choose this place for the light? It seems to us that this is not the most convenient configuration if you sit down at night for a deal and the light that should create the visibility illuminates the bottom. Moreover, in such a sitting position he strikes the eyes and they have to look up somewhere to the ceiling. We suspect that this feature may catch the fancy of those who have a sealing window and there really is a place to look up to stars when the weather is fair.

  • The deodorizer is inherent in all models of today’s review, but the Swash 1400 won – in addition to spray fragrances it also has an air filtration function! Replaceable carbon filter comes in a set and is replaced as necessary for further air purification. This is an excellent feature for the reason that the smell of sewage is not only disguised as pleasant but also improves in quality leaving unpleasant odors absorbed. They need to be bought additionally, but there is no information about the frequency with which they should be replaced.
  • All the same, a noticeable fault of both last bidet toilet seats is the lack of self-cleaning.


The toilet takes us 92 days during life. It is noteworthy that men spend 4 minutes longer there every day. It is worth to fill this time with caring about the health and getting pampered with a toilet seat. In spite of, helping the environment and getting rid of regular toilet paper costs contributes to a better future.

Based on this comparative characteristic of the models on the middle-market. We give preference to the C200 among the average rank of facilities. It concentrates many of the necessary functions for an optimization and greater comfort while appropriate balanced cost.

On our sight it has lack of night lightening. This feature does not seem extremely difficult to execute and would be very handy for all users.


The main thing should be determined before purchase is the shape of the toilet and choose round or elongated style. As well as a color what matches the bowl or the interior of bathroom. Also, the angle between the toilet barrel and the lid should only be straight. If the lid bends on your toilet model, then this model will be impossible to install. For toilets with smooth transitions there is a separate range of bidet toilet.

Choosing a C200 washlet implies do-it-yourself installation without appeling to plumbing services. All you need is a screwdriver that sets the base of TOTO bidet toilet seat into the timbering holes. Then device slides easily on this base.
Turn off the water supply, connect the water hose to the washlet and plug the power cord into an outlet.
Seat will turn on. At this stage you only need to insert two batteries that come with the remote control and drain the water
Visual comprehensible even for a layman there is on YouTube. While searching you can find many similar videos with installation and even if at first you doubt your ability look few of them and be sure how feasible it is.


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