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Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount by HUSSELL

How often have you gotten tired of your phone falling in your car while you are driving? Are you a victim to finding an appropriate place for your cellphone in your car? This is an issue people face globally, and especially drivers who use their phones while driving to look at the map and keep work on the go. Let us introduce you ultimate phone holder. There are people globally who use their cellphone despite the strictness to not use phones while driving, but we can’t help it, we use our cellphones, to navigate our way to places, to answer important office calls, texts and emails. It gets hectic to find a place for your cellphone while you must use it for a lot of tasks while you are on the go.

Updated Version for Any Smartphone 

Ultimate phone holder

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Studies have shown that using cellphone while driving can and have led to serious fatal accidents. Approximately every other day one person gets into an accident because of using their cellphone while driving.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a device in your car, mounted somewhere in front of you that makes it a lot easier for you to use your cellphone while you put all your focus and attention to the road? It almost feels unreal to know such a device. But guess what? We bring you the latest and best ultimate phone holder to make your life easier and secure.

Presenting the Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount by HUSSELL

Presenting the Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount by HUSSELL, an all in one car mount gadget which helps your mount your cellphone in front of you while you drive and put all your attention on the road. It just makes life a lot easier and you don’t have to worry about finding areas in your car to place your cellphone anymore.

Ultimate phone holder

This car mount is the best in the market, and HUSSELL always brings you the best car gadgets. This uses a magnet technology and can easily be used to place anywhere in the car, as easy as with just using one hand to place it anywhere. The claims to provide the best cell phone holder for car on the market.
One of the best features of this is the special lock mounts this uses to keep the cellphone car mount locked into its place with air vents to make sure it never falls off, even on the bumpy roads and when you decide to go off-roading. It takes a bare minute to install this device and the best part is, it can fit any cellphone, big or small, no matter the size because it is a universal ultimate phone holder.

Ultimate phone holder


Let’s further dig into the compatibility of this cellphone holder, it can be modified to fit any cellphone. Be it the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max or the Samsung Galaxy Series. The updated model was just released, and this is better than its predecessor. Uses 4 ultra-strong safe magnets which can hold any smartphone securely without you having to worry about it falling. The Silicon finish surface of this car mount magnet provides firm grip.
There must be many car cellphones mounts but few to very less will have the option to do a complete 360-degree rotation, this makes it possible to give you the best possible viewing angle. This magnetic car mount will help you ensure safe and cautious driving. You can feel easy to listen to music, navigate places with the map or charge your cellphone at the same time.


⦁ The Ultimate phone holder by HUSSELL uses a magnetic air vent technology to lock the mount into place with the fear of falling.
⦁ The price is ridiculously affordable.


⦁ There no noted downsides to using this gadget


Folks, if you want the best car mount for your car and cellphone. The Magnetic Ultimate phone holder HUSSELL is your way to go. It is affordable, it is convenient, it is the next best thing you will lay your hands on. Get yours today, click the link below and order now!

Some frequently asked questions

⦁ I have a 2015 Ford Edge, and my wife has 2017 Toyota Highlander. Would this car vent phone holder fit these cars?
Yes. The ventilation has straight, flat air control plates that the car phone mount can be attached to in both cars. Most cars have useable ventilation holes. Our holder is only not suitable for some unusual and rounded vent designs. For example, it will not fit a 2012 Audi A3.

⦁ How high is the level of hold? Will move during movement when I disconnect the phone?
These are very reasonable questions. This vent holder was updated and upgraded in 2019. The special locking clip that clings to the vent plate and the metal tightening thread and nut provide absolute fixation, unlike every other cheaper analog. It is possible to reach the vent mount from the ventilation only by opening it.


⦁ I have an iPhone 7+ in a silicone case. Will the phone fall if I ride off the road and the car shake a lot?
There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Our magnetic phone car mount has 4 strong magnets covered with a special silicone material for improved grip. The magnetic car mount has been tested many times on different models of phones with different covers. It can hold devices up to 300 grams. They will not fall, even with strong shaking.
This is a partial list of phones that can be used with our holder without problems. Apple iPhone Xs Xr X 8 7 6 5 SE Max Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 S8 S7 S6 S5 Plus Edge Note 9 8 7 6, Google Nexus. Pixel, Motorola, Moto X, Sony Xperia, LG, HTC, Amazon Fire Phone, Lenovo and more.


⦁ There are a lot of offers on the market. There are things that fasten to glass and CD slots and a torpedo with the help of glue. Why should I choose your product?
First and foremost, we are undoubtedly sure that our car mount is better than the analogues. We did not save on materials. Our car holder uniquely fastens to your vent with a metal mechanism. With strong magnets with silicone surfaces, our phone mount will serve you for years. As for the holders with other types of mounts, fastening to glass is not safe. Direct sunlight can make them fail. CD holder mounts often block important car controls. It can also damage the CD reader. Holders that use adhesive tape leave spots on your dash. However, the choice of holder and whom to buy it from remains for you


⦁ Is it possible for the best magnetic phone mount to fall off the air vents?
It is highly unlikely for the car mount to fall off the air vents, the material used is of high quality and will not break. The clippers used to attach the car mount with the air vents are strong enough to keep the car mount in place while you drive or even if it is a bumpy ride.

⦁ How do you justify your product is better than other similar products in the market?
We guarantee our product is better than any other similar product in the market. We use high-end premium quality material for our products and our state-of-the-art design keeps us ahead of everyone in the market. You can look for the reviews and customer satisfaction rates.

Convenience of using the car charger and car mount by HUSSELL

The car charger by HUSSELL is your way to go when in a rush and when you need to charge your phone in your car. By getting your hands of the car mount and the car charger at the same time. You are saving a lot of money at your end. You can place your cellphone in the car mount and charge it at the same time. Forget about getting a car mount that does not give you the ease to charge your cellphone at the same time


Customer Care and Support. Ultimate phone holder

We provide the best customer care support to every customer who is in need. We believe in building a good relationship with our customers and provide them with excellent support. Our motive is not just to sell but to make loyal customers globally. The best thing about our service is the fact that we are quick and prompt in our support, we instantly reach out to help our customers in need. We have agents ready to help the customers just as soon as they are hit with queries. You will not find customer support with any other products on the market which will cater to all your problems all at once. We have all the answers to all your problems. You can check ultimate phone holder reviews on Amazon.


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