What Can A Smart Toilet Do? How To Buy A Smart Toilet?

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Are you smart enough to know how to buy a smart toilet?

No, don’t take the title literally. You don’t have to be Einstein to know how to choose a smart toilet . And it has nothing to do with the rich and famous. The purpose of this post is to help you understand and master the various features and functions that make a smart toilet. So, what can a smart toilet do?

The smart toilet has more pros than cons. They are designed to make life much more pleasant and improve the living environment. The smart toilet is no longer exclusive to people with deep pockets. You can find one that costs less than $2,000 with all the basic features. And some can even cost about the same as a solid classic cistern toilet or tankless toilet. The price can range from $1,500 to $10,000. If it’s expensive enough for you, you might consider buying a bidet toilet seat , it has similar features but is installed on your toilet bowl and costs much less.

what can a smart toilet do

What does a smart toilet consist of?

Although not all smart toilets are built the same way, the arrangement of the parts should not vary much. The following description will give you an overview of toilet bowl construction.

Without cistern

The floor smart toilet does not depend on gravity or atmospheric pressure to flush. Instead, an electric pump and valve are used to power and control the flush. Thus, water is required from the flush pipe and not stored in the tank.

Integrated multifunctional bidet seat

All the electronics and the processor are in the control center. This is the brain of the smart toilet, which controls all the interesting functions, including various sensors, heaters, receivers and transmitters that communicate with the remote control. But that’s not all. The mechanism for automatically opening and closing the seat and lid is also well hidden in the bidet.

The bowl is also a reservoir

A pump is too much for a bidet. So it goes in the back of the bowl along with all the plumbing and a small water tank, which is part of the pumping system. And the pump is connected to the control center in the bidet for power and control. The toilet bowl is ceramic, very similar in design to a conventional toilet bowl. It has a regular siphon and water channels for rinsing the surface of the bowl and draining the waste. And all smart toilets should have a glazed inner bowl surface and siphon for maximum flushing efficiency.

Side control panel

While the real convenience is that the remote control in your hand allows you to control all the functions as you wish, there is a side control panel in case the remote control fails. That way, you can still flush the toilet water and use the basic wash functions.

Unusual remote controls and smartphone apps

A smart toilet remote is similar to a car dashboard. Some are quite simple, and some are designed to add sophistication to any simple Jane bathroom. Either way, it’s a central control for all functions that’s always at your fingertips. In addition to washing and drying settings, the remote control is also designed to activate or deactivate certain functions. Such as automatic rinsing, automatic seat and lid opening and closing, lighting, energy-saving mode, and more.

Shape and size

Most high-end models have a longer bowl (over 28 inches) and wider. It is probably assumed that if you can afford it, you should have enough room for one. And the point is that a larger bowl is more comfortable than a compact spoon. Because it provides more contact area, therefore better support.

what can a smart toilet do

What are the standard features expected of a real smart toilet?

For clarity, you can divide the functions into “Hygiene”, “Comfort” and “Convenience”.


In this hygiene department, functions such as self-cleaning and disinfecting are a must. They concern the cleanliness of the nozzle and bowl after each use. And most well-established brands will disinfect better than lesser-known brands.


Comfort begins the moment your buttocks touch the seat. In most cases, the toilet seat heating is on. You will definitely appreciate this feature, especially in winter. No more cold strokes when you need to use an object. And you should be able to turn the seat heating on and off or adjust the seat temperature with the remote control.


The remote control is the center of all convenient functions. In addition to controlling seat temperature, washing and drying, you can also program several other functions to your liking. And a well-designed smart toilet should offer these features as standard.

  • Automatic opening and closing of the toilet lid
  • Automatic flushing
  • Night light and power saving mode

These are only some of the features and benefits of the smart toilet. There are many of them. But, we hope that you have gained the basic knowledge.


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