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For most of human history, people have not celebrated their birthdays. Many people did not even know when their birthday was.“Historically, only emperors and saints — you know, the big ones — celebrated birthdays,” said William J. Doherty, professor of family social sciences at the University of Minnesota.


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“Only a happy person can make others happy”

Birthday (Christmas, wedding day) on the nose and we are increasingly thinking about what we still want from this day than to please ourselves. Of course, we often want to spend this day in a way that will be remembered for life. What to leave a bright flash in your memory, pleasant memories that will make you smile for years to come. And relatives and friends are increasingly trying to learn about our wishes.
However, more often than not everything is quite ordinary. From year to year the same party or dinner in a circle of friends, the same words of wishes, the same absolutely unnecessary gifts for us.

But let’s remember that we answer our relatives and friends the question about what we want?

Yes, yes… most of the time we shrug our shoulders confusedly and mumble something inaudible like the fact that the gift is not important and we look at the floor or translate the conversation into another subject. And then we get what we get… another sweater that you will never wear, a set that you will never put on the table or any other absolutely unnecessary thing.
But the gift is made, the money is spent, and the dream that lives in the heart for years remains a dream. What do I want for my birthday?

And this is the day when you can not think about the rationality of shopping, but to afford exactly what you want, what you dream about.

Something really expensive or something not important in everyday life, but able to bring joy to us. Anything for which there was always a pity of money, which was put aside in a long box. Something that you will definitely do when the baby is born… no, when you go to school… when you go to the institute… right after the new car… right after the garage repairs and in the end – NEVER!

Isn’t it time to stop and let yourself be happy on this day?

You deserve it! True, you deserve it. Whoever is thinking, but you know it. Do not be afraid of your desires, be afraid to live life as others need it, not you, not giving yourself small joys, not allowing yourself to be happy. Well, there you go. We made up our minds. We have firmly decided to make ourselves the best real gift!

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And…. here is where the question may arise – what do i want for my birthday?

Where is the one that will make me happy? And immediately covers the confusion… It’s not that, it’s shallow, it’s not real, it’s too expensive. So, what do I want for my birthday?

Stop! Now you need to calm down and start looking for that really desired gift!

Where do I start? I think it’s best to start by making a list of your wishes. Without thinking about the pressing problems, that it would be good to replace the faucet in the bathroom, to buy new wipers for the car or a suit for work, not to think about what others will say, just to let yourself fantasize. Throw all the everyday problems out of your mind. feel like a child, just wish. Wish as if you found a lamp with Gene.

If nothing comes to mind, we should start with what we like, what we love. Think about what makes you smile. Close your eyes. Relax. What is the image that pops up in your head? Hurry up and write it down on paper. This can help you decide on your wishes. Remember what you dreamed about earlier. These dreams may seem to you not rational, not serious, not corresponding to your age or status.

Perhaps you’ve convinced yourself a hundred times that this is no longer for you, that all this has to be in the past. That you have a family, children, and dreams are unworthy of attention stupidity.

What do I want for my birthday

But…what can make a person happier than a dream come true?

You think to realize your own dreams is selfishness. You dissolve in daily routine, in the needs of your family, children, relatives, work processes. But remember your happiest moments in life. Remember how kind you were to others in these moments, how you sought to share your happiness with everyone?
All this because only a happy person can make others happy. Think about it when you think about a gift for yourself.

Perhaps you do not need a gift at all, but a bright emotion?

Escape with a loved one or friends in your DR to another city, mark in a new, unfamiliar place, this you will never forget.
Take a walk on a hot air balloon or sailboat. Organize a picnic on the roof of a high-rise building. Be brave, think.
If nothing comes to mind now, I suggest you remember what you like to read, what programs to watch, what store windows to look at.

Maybe your favorite channel about fishing? then hurry up and buy a fishing rod and a boat, and go! maybe this is exactly what you have always wanted but were afraid to admit it. Maybe you don’t know how to do it – believe me, no one can do it from the beginning. Don’t you have a company for such a trip? Also not a problem, let yourself be alone with yourself and nature. Most likely, you will discover a completely new page in your life, you will re-experience its taste and fullness. Learn to understand yourself, to feel better, you will find peace.


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Your favorite travel channel, but you think it is too expensive and unavailable? Start small. Take a tent and go out for a couple of days in the nearest forest, on the bank of the river, sea. Put the tent in the car and go on a trip around your country. I am ready to guarantee that it will be able to find everything you dream about – and mountain slopes, and dense forests and exotic palms, without spending fabulous sums.

A night at the camping site will not hit your pocket, and the impressions of what you see will be no less than the expectations from visiting distant countries. And all you need is a quality tent, equipped sleep place, country map with marked sights and camping along the route. Do you feel like your dream is getting closer?

Naturally, there is an immediate thought that it is not tactful to order expensive gifts for relatives or friends.

Or you don’t want to open your dream to everyone then you can ask guests to make a gift with money, for a dream, so you get rid of the feeling of guilt for spending money “on yourself” because this money does not belong to the family budget, this money is for a dream, you can quietly exhale and spend it on destination. And here you can remember about secret hobbies. Perhaps you, as a child, enjoy computer games? What do I want for my birthday?

What do I want for my birthday

Here is your chance to buy a new dream console or a big TV for games. Maybe you’re not getting enough peace of mind shooting from an ATV? Do not wait for the birth of your son, do not convince someone that this is the right purchase. Allow yourself to do something for yourself.
Maybe you’re a fan of cooking and it’s your friends running to you for recipes or just a tasty meal? This is your chance to afford an expensive, multifunctional kitchen combine that will make cooking much easier and faster and give you real pleasure.

Perhaps you have stopped hundreds of times near the showcase with your dress. With a luxurious and expensive dress that you have absolutely nowhere to wear. Buy it. And you will be surprised, but there is a reason for it at once. Maybe in this dress you will want to spend your holiday in a nice, romantic place. Maybe this is the dress that will start your new life.

May be….

Have you always been attracted by the mountain slopes? Then it’s time to get a ski suit and discover something completely new. You thought about alpine skiing, but all the time it was not before, and now you think it’s too late? You are wrong. It is never too late while we are alive. Remember, the best moment is here and now. Never again will there be a more auspicious time. Do not put it off later. Then it may never come again. Then may come only regret that you have not tried, embodied, did not do, did not visit.

Life is beautiful and amazing, enjoy it every day. Buy yourself an electric scooter to fly it through the park to meet the wind and sun. Finally sign up for a tennis and bring your muscles to tone. Buy a mountain bike, it will make you as maneuverable as possible: parks, fields, river banks, mountainous terrain – there is nothing unavailable for it. Today is the best time to make yourself better, more sporty, healthier. The best day to explore all the outskirts of your city.

Buy a robot vacuum cleaner and thus free up half an hour every day for your hobby – paint pictures, sing to the guitar, grow flowers, play with children.

Well? Are you ready? Is the desire already born and waiting for its realization? Then go ahead. And remember, today is the day, the best day for dreams.

So, What do I want for my birthday? Now you have to know the answer.

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A great article on this topic was published at Nytimes.com Feb. 29, 2020

According to the book by Elizabeth H. Plek “The glorification of the family: ethnicity, consumption culture and family rituals” in America in the early 1800s, wealthier parents began to celebrate the birthdays of their children, and this trend has leaked to the masses. By the 1950s, your child’s usual birthday was intimate: some cake, some ice cream. It was almost everything. According to Dr. Doherty, there was no emphasis on gifts.

The heyday of birthday celebrations took place in the 80s, when the number of family entertainment centers – bowling, rollerblading, arcades – increased. “They encouraged families to organize holidays on the territory”, – wrote Dr. Plek. Unexpectedly, several parties were organized for children: one with a nuclear family, one with a big family, one at school, and one with friends.

“This is the only day of the year when this person can be honored and he can see that he has his own special day,” said Dr. Doherty. He founded “Pressureless birthdays. , an informal group of parents and specialists in St. Paul, Minnesota, who are exploring ways to reduce stress, financial burdens and excesses associated with child birthday celebrations. “In an individualistic culture such as ours, this is very important.

Of course, not all birthdays will be the same for you. In some years you are very enthusiastic about organizing a party or a walk with your loved ones. In other years, you may be afraid of the approaching age or you may feel like enjoying the day. Here are some alternative – even joyful – approaches to planning…………. Keep reading at nytimes.com


How to spend a birthday alone?

Before the pandemic it was not so difficult to think about what to do alone on your birthday. At least, you had more opportunities to make this day special. But now the opportunities are limited. Believe me, I know. My birthday was last month, and although I usually like to plan a single celebration for myself along with something more social, all my options have been excluded. I could not go to dinner or a movie or treat myself to a massage. I could not find a cheap Airbnb in the northern part of New York State to run away for the weekend.

So this year I spent a lot of time thinking about what my birthday could look like in the chaos and limitations of 2020. Here are just a few things I’ve thought about (and some things I’ve finished doing), as well as some suggestions I received from friends who have recently been in the same boat.

  1. Hold a marathon of good old movies (or TV programs).
  2. Ask your friends and family to send you things to pass the time.
  3. Get a virtual birth card readout.
  4. Get a virtual reading of Tarot or make it yourself.
  5. Take part in a cool virtual experience.
  6. Enjoy reading.
  7. Make a cocktail or a non-alcoholic cocktail, worthy of a bar.
  8. Walk down the memory lane of old birthdays.
  9. Bake yourself a damn birthday cake (or dessert of your choice).
  10. Magazine about your year.
  11. Spend time in nature.
  12. Do aimless shopping online.
  13. Decorate anyway.

What I don’t really want for my birthday

Last week I turned 35, and I celebrated it by coming home from work and taking a nap. And then I ate pizza. Because the best way to celebrate an aging metabolism is to eat more pizza.”

Written by amazon expert Denis Dubenskyy
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